Multi class dps/healer LFG

I thought I’d start by looking here first before looking at each individual realm and ect to find the right guild for me. I am currently looking for a guild that I can end season 4 with and blast some keys and then start pushing to hit the ground running coming into dragonflight.

I don’t want class to be the deciding factor for me finding the right guild and ect so I am open to a few different classes especially coming into dragonflight I’d love to discuss this more with the right guild and figure out something that works out best would love to solidify and stick with that toon going into DF though unless they Gut it out of no where in alpha/beta.

Raid times my preferred raid times would be Tuesday-Sunday 8pm pst on. Now for the right guild and the right team depending on the days of the week the earliest I could raid would be 6:30pm pst maybe 6pm pst if okay that sometimes I may be a few min late after work.

My goals with finding a guild is to push myself again and keep improving. My goal is to join a guild that does some mythic in some way. I don’t have the time to push CE like I had tried to in the past but also learned I don’t like not tackling atleast a few mythic bosses and running heroic raid as well.

I’ve recently been having a decent amount of fun in keys as of late and would love to join a guild that wants to push a little bit of IO together. I’ve only ever really did plus 15s for the best loot not ever trying to push before highest I cleared so far is a plus 18 but plan to go higher going into DF.

I will be a open book for what ever you would like to ask me. So if you wanna know anything else just ask me and I’d love to answer if your not sure if you would be the right fit just ask and we can see if we the right fit for one another.

I do not care what faction would just be cheaper for me if alliance. Realm and ect also aren’t a big deal for me it’s more the guild and ect.

Reach out to me here and let’s go from there.
Discord: Nemka#7640

Hi there! After reading your post I’m thinking there might be a possibility that you might be a good fit to our guild family. We raid on fri and sat from 9:30pm-12:30 EST. We are a laid back group of people who like to just have fun with whatever we are doing. We push keys every evening and night. As most of our players work so thats when everyone is getting home and getting online. We dont care about what class you play as long as whatever you are playing you enjoy it and are happy playing it. I’ve found that the performance of a player is increased when they arent forced into a class/spec. I think the only thing that might be a problem for you with our guild maybe is that when we raid we usually clear out normal… go into heroic get aotc and if we get the chance in time we would go mess around in mythic but we arent CE or trying to push through mythic content. We go in to kinda just mess around and have fun and try to see how far we can push it. But if you would like more information here is a link to our guild spam and your free to message me on discord to ask any questions! Byndi#5161 I’m happy to chat! [A][Stormrage]<Gnome Depót> Late Night Heroic AOTC Progression Team(and more!) Recruiting for DF! - #6 by Byndi-stormrage

Hello there! I have spots available on my 1x/week AOTC focused team. I’ll drop my info below and if interested, I’d love to chat! Reality Break- CE and AotC teams looking for more!

Hi Nemka :slight_smile: I sent a discord request - would love to chat!

Sounds good I’ll reply back after work today