Multi 370+ toons looking for raiding/key guild


Hey all thanks for taking the time to read my post I returned to wow this expansion with a new account after taking a few year hiatus and I’m looking for a solid group of people to consistently raid and run keys with I currently have 7 max lvl toons all at or above 370 so I play a lot just need people to play with I’ve raided in almost every tier aside from legion mostly aotc heroics but have done mythic as well and am really looking for people to run keys with during the week I play in the morning and afternoons being that I work night shift (11pm-7am EST) thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:


Hello Me, Astral is currently recruiting for immediate core positions in our mythic progression team.

(4/8M) - Mal’ganis - Horde

Raid Times
Friday / Saturday
7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Server (CST)

About Us:
is a Mythic progression guild built from Cutting Edge players many of which have been playing since 2005. We are a newer guild that started at the end of Legion with an extremely strong core team and a focus to clear Mythic content quickly.

We enjoy having a steady progression focused environment with an efficient and condensed schedule.

What do we give you?
We provide a fun, drama free environment for you to play alongside like-minded players while experiencing end game progression. Outside of raiding, members enjoy other in-game content such as pushing high M+ keys, leveling alts, pulling together alt runs, etc. Many members also play numerous games outside of WoW such as Overwatch, PUBG, LoL, etc.

We also provide all raiders with flasks, feasts, potions, and 2500g in repairs

Nefia#1855 - BNET
Nef#7418 - Discord


Horde guild on Kalecgos Newly formed guild recruiting all roles for mythic plus and normal/heroic raiding, Raid nights are Tuesday/Wednesday at 8pm server. We are a semi-hardcore group looking for quick heroic progression. add me to bnet Zoid#1170



We could def use a DPS warrior!!!

Redline is a Mythic Guild on Thrall-US server. Current Progression; 6/8M Uldir. We are looking for players willing to commit 8 hours out of their week to raid in the daytime slot, and more time out of raid to study raids and your role in the raids.

The Mindset

We are a group of adults who like to band together to down internet dragons while also having some fun. We realize it’s a game but we also like to take our time seriously as we defend Azeroth.

Raid Times - Daytime guild that raids Wed/Thurs - 12 to 4 pm EST.

Redline discord: