Move Boosted Character - Best Route?

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My friends and I have been waiting for our server to open up for our other friends to join us and boost. It didn’t look like that was going to happen, but we saw Pagle (USEast) opened up from Locked status. The friends all playing on Sulfuras agrees they would transfer to Pagle, so our other friend made and boosted their character. I tried to transfer there and transfers are locked. So we all decided to converge onto Westfall (USEast).

My friend with the boosted character on Pagle now is stuck there, and he tried to transfer off to Westfall but there is a restriction because he just boosted. Is there a way for him to have his boost returned to boost on Westfall, or have the restriction lifted? We’ve been struggling to play together for weeks now, as some friends had used their boost on Sulfuras before we saw others could not get on. Now it’s been one crap slog after another and we’re about ready to just write off the entire experience, and World of Warcraft all together. Very frustrating to deal with.

I’ll link my friend to this thread so they can post as well, in case that is required.

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Mind you, this was last updated 4 days ago, but it is showing Westfall would accept paid transfers as soon as the boost cooldown has passed. And as a by the by, it will be 72 hours to the very minute.


thank you for that information, Leilleath. At least it should be playable in a week with an extra $40 spent by each of our friend group. Still very upsetting, given what we’ve combined spent to play this together so far this month.

Is there a way for him to do this without spending the extra money to transfer a freshly boosted character? Can they just remove his boosted toon and let him reboost there?

No, unfortunately. Once a character is boosted, they’re pretty hands off.