Mount farmers, what are you farming today


Sha, Rukhmar, and stupid stupid stupid Anzu.

(Hazelrose) #22

World mount farming. Husband has 'em all, I’ve only acquired Oondasta so far. Hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of kills (prolly nearing 1k for Sha now finally). Super discouraged, kinda kills the game for me. Meh.

(Hazelrose) #23

Farming Ashes that long with no luck? That’s simply awful. Best of luck this week on both.

(Daft) #24

All the warfront mounts (already got 3) and Galleon.
That’s it. Don’t have the energy for anything else.

(Crosse) #25

You mop world boss farmers deserve a title. I can handle 1 out of 100 odds, but 1 out of 1000 or 10000 is no fun. Man i want that timewalking drake though!


Same here!


Good luck! It took me 322 runs to get Blazing Drake and that was my last one for the green drake also.

(Brahmina) #28

I decided to dedicate myself to the onyxian drake. I have 14 characters that can solo her, and I’ll run them every week until I get that beast.

Then I’ll just have 3 more to go for the green drake… :tired_face:


Don’t give up on mount farming. As they say, you can’t win if you don’t play.

(Lacryma) #30

I might be a little late to the party, but I just finally got Mount Parade the other day. ^^

(Parabnormal) #31

Invincible, Deathcharger sometime this week.

And hopefully this week will be a lucky week for all of you :smiley:

(Volley) #32

Blazing Drake… why is this in the meta… argh!

(Kwashiorkor) #33

Not out for mounts but if I see a world boss while I’m farming for toys I’ll kill em. I got that huolon mount by accident on TI the other day. He got in the way of my barrage… I’m not a mount farmer tho. I mostly just farm pets.


Ashes of Alar every Monday night!

(Khëmîcal) #35

Im glad they hotfixed the Prot pally but I am still farming my first 1v1 pvp kill in Wpvp

(Teenietoon) #36

Ashes :sob::sob::sob:


Gaaah mount farmers hate these kinds of stories, ha ha.
I killed Huolon well over 300 times on a PVP server, so those kills do not count the times I camped but Horde kept me from killing or looting the damn thing.
Never give up!

(Kwashiorkor) #38

We share the same dislike for these stories lol. I hear them all the time when I’m farming some rare pets. You really can’t do anything about rng sadly… you can only try rig the game in your favor as much as possible.

(Adamsmith) #39

Glacial Tidestorm…oh wait that’s next expansion. Solar Spirehawk is my Moby-Dick.


So true. Good luck in the future!