Mount farmers, what are you farming today


What will you be farming today being reset day?. I’ll ckntintue my Invincible farming, up to kill number 58…have 10 alts to do it on this morning so here’s hoping rng gods are with me.

(Belitt) #2

I haven’t hit mount farming hard lately, but I’ll probably kill the Sha, Nalak and Rukhmar at some point this week. Someday I might be motivated to making my through Ulduar again for Mim’s head.

(Fahrenheit) #3

Still working on getting the materials for the Mecha Mogul! :heart_eyes:

(Tilra) #4

Trying to get the blazing drake. It’s the only one left I need to get the green one.

(Destima) #5

Still trying to get Ashes and Raven Lord.

(Kannil) #6

i am trying to get midnight rein for past couple of months , i have given up on Ashes of Al’ar.

(Stéampunk) #7

We are farming the Hivemind, collected the monocles and now are getting ready for the next phase.


Im farming M+ in attempt to increase I.O. score to 2k

(Jatarri) #9

Not really farming any right now. Would like Invincible, but not a big deal.


Mythic Jaina for that sick af Water Elemental.

cries ugly and loudly


Pvp mounts mostly. So queue…spam Divine Storm to make sure I run up my kill counter and rinse and repeat.

(Valora) #12

Great Sea Ray. A turtle from puddles

(Istealthl) #13

Just got skullripper earlier today, grand black war mammoth 2 days ago, today probs daily runs for blue proto drake and swift zulian panther/armored raptor then ashes of alar and fierywarhorses reins for starters. Also i can finish glory of the dragon soul raider today. I started playing in 7.2 so lots to farm

(Kypookins) #14

This junk:

Then click “show planner.” I love that thing!

For the Panda outdoor mounts that are "Mount is bonus rollable ", make sure you check, because I think one of them is a different bonus coin.

I especially like this one:

|82|Run Battle of Dazar’alor||High Tinker Mekkatorque|G.M.O.D.|
|Jaina Proudmoore|Glacial Tidestorm||Mythic only|

Oh yeah, I’ll have Jaina downed pretty fast here!

Wow, so ALL of the Legion ones are “mythic only” ones. So that lets them out as well, as far as solo farming.


I usually pick one mount per week to go out of my way and farm. I really want to get the last Stormdrake from Vortex Pinnacle so I might do a few runs.

I miss that website that used to look at your armory and calculate an efficient route to go mount farming. Last I saw, it hadn’t been updated since MoP.

Edit: Literally posted above me, lol! I didn’t see that link. Is it updated to current content? Or at least Legion?

(Siégfriéd) #16

ICC and Ulduar. Still need them then have all the dropped mounts from first 4 expacs.

(Kaelon) #17

Ditto. 11 years and counting on those!


I’ve been grinding my Dominance Offensive rep every day from MoP because that’s one I never did back in the day and I’d love to have the updated wyvern mount.

(Kaath) #19

Actually got my Broken Highland Mustang today.

(Crosse) #20

Garrison invasions! Did you know you can afk them? A few are bugged but for the others your guards scale to 120 and kill everything!