Mount drop question

That doesn’t seem entirely true. For example, I just tested that out and this was the situation for one quest in the Jade Forest:

Mother Hanae offers a quest, in original MoP the reward is:


And in the Remix it is this:

I may be nitpicking but there does seem to be a lack of clarity of just what drops from where, in relation to the differences between the Remix and the original.


I can soft confirm it. Been running ToT daily as I find it a quick jaunt for bronze and in every 10 man clear of heroic ive not seen a single pet drop. While the toy might drop off the snail statistically it is a near impossibility for me to not have seen a pet drop. Not get it myself but to have at least seen it happen.

In the Valley of the 4 winds you get stuff like

  • Puntable marmot
  • Turnip paint gun
  • Turnip punching bag


Now I’m getting conflicting info. Two people said they saw pet drops from Bufo and Primordius LFR. Now you are saying nothing has dropped when statistically it should have by now. So the answer seems to be that some pets drop, and others don’t.

@Kaivax would be really excellent to get some clarification about what exactly can drop and what cannot, particularly with regards to pets and items required for Going To Need A Bigger Bag (minus the mount off Huolon, obviously)

Also worth noting you still need to actually loot a pet for it to count for Going To Need A Bigger Bag, buying or trading the pet doesn’t count… I suppose that’s a separate issue but still one I would appreciate being revisited given the difficulty of obtaining anything from a rare that requires farming to spawn, spawns in multiple locations, and dies immediately.

The B.F.F. necklace toy is available from the rare that drops it. (In remix)

You previously literally said they would drop in remix?

there’s zero ambiguity here


I am pretty certain raid pets don’t drop pets and sounds a lot like “I got my mount from a world boss last week.” Some timeless isle items drop I don’t know about pets tbh. I know the weatherstones and brazier do.

can you tell us why you guys even ran an ad on your Twitter that showed people killing Oondasta, before showing a player on the Cobalt Direhorn before saying the loot is the real treasure? Under a tweet that said “Revisit the Isle of Giants and group up against the legendary Oondasta!”?

Edit: really not a fan of being told to go kill the boss on Dragonflight in order to get a chance at a drop.

If you’ve got an armor class that hasn’t completed that quest on live, then bring that same armor class to that quest in Remix and complete it, do you get the appearances that you ‘should’ have gotten, had you done it on retail? :thinking:

I suppose I could take along a DK and see if it got offered anything in the Remix, but I suspect it would also just get the Bronze.

The incompetence of the remix team is staggering…

You think they have any idea what they are doing? This whole event is a trash fire and they know it.

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Yes, you do.

Yea, that is just great. But you know what else would be great? While you are in MoP Remix those mounts should drop at a higher rate because it is considered “the current expansion”. Not like the 1% that they are dropping on Retail.

You people are really ignorant to every aspect of gameplay.

When MoP was “the current expansion” those 1% drop rates were 0.1%.

Blizzard only increased them recently too…

So, I’m going to assert that you are the ignorant one.

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Pets from some of the rares still drop out on Timeless. I’ve got half a dozen Dandelion Frolickers in the bank from doing the pink crystal encounter over and over.


Current expansion mount drop rates are higher, it has been that way for how long? Could care less what it was in MoP, this is not Classic MoP. Understand boot-licker?

MoP Remix isn’t the current expansion.

It is when you are in it.

No, it’s a game mode tacked onto the side of Dragonflight, you don’t have access to anything else in Dragonflight.

Why would you have access to the Dragonflight drop rates, when Blizzard wants you to buy the mounts with Bronze?

Especially when farming Bronze is much easier than years of farming the drops in retail.