Mount drop question

Rares do not drop their unique loot; toys like the Eternal Kiln, Ash-Covered Horn, or Battle Horn can drop because it’s shared between several different mobs.

The Champions are camped because all three drop threads/Remix items.

They literally don’t?


Indeed I’ve have anklebiters and eggs drop

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this is just not true.

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could you respond to the mountian of questions that players have about Remix, and not tell us stuff that we already know, or just is not true?

But you said this in April:
“On the other hand, Rare drops that are available in Dragonflight today, such as the Son of Galleon or the Astral Cloud Serpent, will drop in Remix and can be purchased by Remix characters using the Bronze currency.”


I’m gonna guess, based on what’s appeared in my bags along the way, that Kaivax doesn’t mean the original gear rewards, but stuff like toys and various other miscellaneous items that may be rewarded from quests.

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I was thinking the same thing. You do get some of the oddball toys and such from the remix quests, but no quest gear… it’s all randomized in the loot boxes.

this is also not the case. there is not one quest the rewards anything other than a infinte cache. anything like what you are talking about comes from dragonflight

Bonus question : Battle pets. I saw bufo earlier and tagged him. Would he have dropped the gulp frog pet?

I’ve done every quest and I only remember Fishy and some toys. That’s like maybe 5 quests max.

Er…no? I’ve had to delete half a dozen toys from my bag just while questing through the Valley of Four Winds because I already knew them all lol


That was my take as well, it’s actually getting annoying destroying so many blue toys…

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then you must have a special case. i have gotten 1 blue toy this entire tier. everything i have had to delete has been scrap armour and scrolls. toys are non existant. i dont know where you are getting them from but it is not quests.

I mean, if the understanding is that any MoP quests that originally rewarded stuff like this still does the same in Remix, then it stands to reason that only those quests will have ‘extra’ rewards. They wouldn’t be randomly awarded or anything like that.

Even this isn’t true, though, at least not for many mobs. You can still, for example, loot an Eternal Kiln or Ash-Covered Horn from specific Timeless Isle elites on Remix so those loot tables are still mostly the same.

This is specifically for bosses, which I don’t have a problem with in practice because I figured this was the case within the first two days of MoP Remix being live when literally nobody reported looting a Zandalari Warbringer mount despite those mounts having extremely high droprates on Retail, but this could’ve been posted about the day MoP Remix went live and not two and a half weeks later.

Nah both my toons had the same issue. It’s actually annoying that they still give these toys/mounts that can’t be learned again but still need to do the “type delete” crap every time.


You’re not doing the quests, then, cause I had to delete over 10 toys rewarded from quests


Ok this helps to know.

Thanks Kaivax!

It’s at least official.

Happy camper.

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