MOUNT collectors wanted!


PLEASE were asking for mounts in Paragon Rep Chests.

I don’t do the rep without mount and believe a true mount collector want’s them (mounts) in all aspects of the game. ITS was the drop rate that killed Legion not the mounts they are amazing variety and looks style.
PLEASE speak up if you are not DOING rep’s do to lack of mounts. PLEASE DON’T argue why you don’'t want them in. This is for people that would like to see them.

(Cattywompus) #2

2700 island expeditions and 0 mounts yet. I am by no means a hardcore mount collector, but I grind for the very few I dearly want, in this case it is squawks. I only grind in weeks where pirates are on the rotting mire, and I’m getting desperate enough to triple box to maybe have a shot at this mount. I think it’s getting to the point where I’m about to just play my switch instead of obsessing over a mount that I will never obtain.

This content should not break collectors spirits. I’ve seen dudes with over 400 mounts go over 3000 islands with 0 mounts to date, and it just break their desire to be a mount collector any longer. Come on blizz, we need a solution, please listen to your community.

(Lenarific) #3

its all about that time played metric i wont give them what they want and for the longest time i was a grinder but thats before it started to feel forced so now i do 8-12 heroic IE’s a week and if it drops it drops but other than that FU acti-blizz


I think if they were trying to keep people invested and playing more with the daily meta and paragon chest rewards from world quests, they did a very, very bad job. Most of the metas aren’t worth doing, and I don’t even bother especially because the paragon chests are so bad.

In legion, they had waking essences, resources, sometimes gear, mounts, toys, pets. The only half-decent BfA one is 7th legion as it gives a few service medals too.


This is a 100% were I’m at…


I agree that they should add mounts to paragon chests, we could always use more mounts.


Said no one ever… Paragon mounts were a garbage system for mounts that should have been at exalted. Add an Island Vendor before adding other broken systems.


The rotten poor RNG is what’s wrong. The panda rare drop mounts off the Direhorn mounts I forget the name of the guys you kill. Warbringer? They had a pretty good RNG rate.
that would be about the rate needed for Paragon drops. Not the rate we have now that is like the Dungeon bonus mount that never drops.


The warbringers were a solid 20-30% for the direhorns. Repeats sucked, but that would be nice. Legion’s paragons were a sick joke, and islands have somehow trumped that garbage of a drop rate.


your 100% right.