Motion sickness and FoV

Can someone fill me in on what is happening?

In 9.2.5. All players were able to access 120 FoV and many players benefitted from this because it reduced motion sickness while playing the game.

Now, they’re limiting the FoV to 90 to “help address motion sickness” even though this makes the motion sickness worse for the above mentioned players.

What. The. Deuce?


The Twitter post said they’re removing it because it was unintended. It’s still stupid.


Do you have a link to the post?

i think motion sickness is a cop out.

zooming out changes nothing for motion sickness imo.

screen shakes and weird light effects i could see it… but zooming out? no.

Are you a medical expert or someone who suffers from motion sickness?
Just curious how you came to this conclusion that everyone must be lying about it and you know better.


thanks for the useless reply. i said i think and also in my opinion.

jesus christ.

As a person who suffers, I can confirm, the further I can zoom out the better I feel.

It’s why I can’t play first person games and need third person games. And even then, some where the camera is too close is just sickening.


Clearly not a person who suffers then. So you wouldn’t understand. The smaller my character the less sickening it is. True no matter if I am playing a PS5 game, or a PC game. I can’t do 1st person ever. And I need space between my camera and my character.


Welcome to the world of Blizzard-Logic. Regardless of whether it helps or hinders, it could at least be an option for those who like it but no, that’s not the optimal experience so it’s going to be removed.


It’s at the top of the forums. In a sticky post of hot fix.


Blizzard is going to change and alter things because they can.

Don’t expect any real logic behind it…

…I’m sure you’ll find some Belluar post explaining the lore behind it though.

He seems to like filling in information that doesn’t exist.

Yeah, until they added the suppression of this under accessibility options, I used to keep an empty trash can next to my desk for some encounters because of the drunk effects and the screen shakes. Not many games immersive enough for me to have to use a vomit bucket to play them, I’ll give them that.

zooming out and field of view are two entirely different things. And yes, Higher Field of Views will distort the screen enough to exacerbate motion sickness. Higher Field of View values is how you get the “fish-eye” effect.

If you can see more while zoomed out, you would need to move the camera less - which reduces motion sickness.

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What did people with motion sickness do all the years prior to 9.2.5 releasing?

They played other games i assume.

This company doesn’t know what a win looks like. Take a harmless feature that actually helps people with motion sickness (accessibility!) then take it away for vague reasons.

No one was hurt by 120 FOV. No one had an advantage. You can also use it to take amazing screenshots or make better use of a widescreen display. Let us keep it. Make it a system menu option.

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Keep the cap at 120

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