Most Intelligent NPC in WoW

Common sense would not say Sylvanas, she is lead by emotion at times too and that is definitely one of your negatives for Jaina.

Common sense would say her cunning would not allow her to say “The Horde is nothing!” just because Saurfang gave her a shpeel about the Horde being strong and her failing all the time in his eyes, that’s being lead by emotion more than anything. If she wanted more death she could have simply said something that she embodies the true strength of the Horde and then blasted him in one hit.

No, Sylvanas is “cunning” because the story is written for her to succeed at her “cunning” aka plot armor

yeah i kind of thought about that too.

but my thought process was that maybe she either realized she was going to face resistance from the horde…or she wanted to leave or needed an excuse.

maybe she realized that the horde won’t go along with her later plans or something along those lines…


Sylvannas, she is in another dimension at this point, she sees the world in 4D.

That lady who keeps getting the bucket of water in Stormwind but never gets it. No doubt she gets paid for her job, so she’s found a way to delay getting a single bucket of water for fifteen years, avoid several wars AND getting paid for it all the time.

I wonder how much per hour she gets paid for the 131,400 hours it has taken her to get this one bucket of water. She could likely buy Gilneas City by now.

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If we’re going by intelligence. Mimiron definitely.

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Depends on what the writers feel like that day.

The ability to just float away from danger does not make you cunning or smart.

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Pretty stupid to just think everyone you’ve angered and wronged isn’t going to team up and evict you, too.

Illidan … the one and only

thank you. though I would say the only rival is sargaras

However, to extricate one’s self from certain doom is rather wise.

Sargaras. I still think illidan and him are working together to destroy the void.


Khadgar, he saw what a sh!t show BfA was and noped out.

The only intelligent move was to not play.

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Any vendor that repairs gear.

They must be rolling it in by the buckets.


he told theron not to trust sylvanas

he told aethas not to trust the kirin tor

he told theron not to let alleria see the sunwell


Even has Math in his name. Confirmed genius!

I’d like to nominate Lasan “hahaha” Skyhorn.


That guy may not be a genius, but he knows how to live. Like a Conan with hooves.