Most Intelligent NPC in WoW

Who is the most intelligent NPC in WoW?

Certainly not Anduin who is dumb as a rock when it comes to military and diplomacy.

Thrall is equally useless.

Jaina maybe… but she caves in to emotions too much.

My vote goes to Sylvanas for her cunning and intelligence regarding military matters and dealing with people.

Who takes your vote?


Lillian Voss. Both in rational thought, foresight, and her “people person” skills.

Pretty much the only Forsaken NPC that has been written consistently as a developing character.


Well Mechatorq pops to mind. Maybe Velen, he’s one of the oldest beings in game and from the Eredar who are intelligent and gifted in the ways of magic.

You could maybe say Medivh. Karazan has a freaking huge library containing untold amounts of books and scrolls. So depending on how much of them he’s read/learned.

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Wrathion. He’s always one step ahead of you.

Black Prince of the Black Empire :octopus:


Lor’themar have always been represent as a good strategist and a intelligent leader. Personally i would go with him.


I dunno, he certainly managed to make the Horde go from winning the war to overthrowing their warchief and declaring peace. And he didn’t even need to try all that hard to do it. :man_shrugging:

If we’re going for living characters, probably one of the mages. Vargoth? He’s spent a lot of time up in that tower, nothing to do but exercise his mind.


Probably velen tbh he can see the future and has like 30k years atleast of life behind him.

N’Zoth knows best


Right, but does he possess the “human (and sometimes elven) potential” necessary to have any actual intelligence in the Warcraft universe for some reason?

Any rogue npc. This includes Matthias, Veleera, Lillian, etc. They’re usually smart enough to know when opportunities are good but not dumb enough to take people at their word and make stupid decisions. Plus they realize varying degrees of risks for most choices. Probably won’t make good leaders though since their loyalties aren’t black & white; too hard to maintain consistent alliances.

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Khadgar, obviously.


Considering he saw BfA coming and said “I’m out!”

… yeah, he’s smarter than the rest of us.


You mean cunning and yes he was able to hide and decieve the deciever and the legion for 25k years.
Contact the naaru under the nose of both archi, KJ and saragaras evacuate a good chunk of draenei;Stay on the run for 25k yrs trick KJ into thinking they were dead.


He unsubbed before BFA came out.


Any neutral NPC.

Staying out of things is the best call.

Hogger obviously.

Khadgar. Sylvanis a tarded.

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What people skills? She pawned those of to Nathanos who then pawned them off on us.

Gazlowe. Keen business mind and watches out for his crew.

Khadgar is certainly good with maths.

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The male trolls that tell me to “Stay away from the voodoo”.