Most fun class in SL?

For you folks who have been messing around in the Beta, which class have you enjoyed the most thus far?

From what I hear, anything that isn’t Shadow Priest.


Warriors, paladins, and dk. Plate classes rule once again.

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I hear Rogues are going to pull some MASSIVE shenanigans in Shadowlands.

Serrated Bone Spikes
Sepsis with 100% increases crit chance with mastery for every time you vanish.

Sepsis became suddenly not so garbage anymore and color me surprised o_O


As it they should.


Warlocks are getting a lot of attention right now, but for my money the major test of how well the classes look will come post- completion of the rogue systems and the Shadow Changes coming up. There’s usually a hard stop in the Beta where you can tell if Blizzard is done tuning classes, but I don’t think we’ll hit that until everyone’s systems are up for raid tuning

I’m about to unlock Nightborne, I was thinking of a spellcaster or a healer, what do yall recommend for Shadowlands?