Most Advanced/Powerful Race of ARCANE Users?

Stormwind would stand no chance at all. Not only does Dalaran have its own military of magi their expertise and knowledge of magic goes beyond what any other nation has arguably except Quel’thalas or Surumar. A battle of the magi between the two would just be face roll in Favor of the kirin tor.

Blue Dragons.

I’d say they were intended to be by the Titans, but aren’t. For a few reasons.

Firstly, they deliberately cut themselves off from all other magic users, thus shutting themselves off from new developments and discoveries. This can lead to stale and stagnated knowledge, with more grounding in irrelevant ancient dogma than any real practicality.

Secondly, their immortality did them a disservice in a way. Kalecgos explains this to Jaina in Tides of War.

Kalec blinked. In the mirror, he saw Jaina’s reflection and his own.

“You did mention a mirror. I assume there is more to this than a way to discreetly tell me I need to shave?” he joked.

“Much more,” she said. “It operates using the same methodology, the same math”—she bowed slightly—“that a portal does. Except it’s much simpler and more basic. Portals actually have to be able to physically transport someone somewhere. The mirror just allows viewing of a different place and, if the timing is right, other people. I’m going to use this to contact

Varian. Let’s hope he’s nearby, or we will have to try again.”

Kalec shook his head, again marveling at the wonderful lack of complexity of the younger races and their spells. “I know of this sort of spell. Very old, and very simple. Just like the ‘costume’ spell the thieves utilized to hide the Focusing Iris from my detection.”

“Yet your flight doesn’t use such things?”

“Most would think it beneath them to use a garden-variety spell like this one,” he said, adding quickly, “but I think it’s brilliant.”

“I’m trying not to be insulted,” said Jaina. She said the words lightly, but her brow had furrowed again.

“I,” said Kalec, reaching for her hands, “am both clumsy and rude. I do think it’s brilliant. We dragons…” He struggled to explain the mentality of dragonflights, especially that of the blues. “Dragons seem to think that the more complicated a thing is—the longer it takes to perform, the more ingredients it has, and the more people it requires to participate—the better it is. That goes for clothing, meals, magic, art—everything. They would rather sit down for days and design a laborious spell to teleport a thing directly to their hands than simply get up and fetch the saltcellar.”

In essence, they are so focused on the methodology and theory of magic that they actually lose some of the practicality in the sheer academia of it all. There’s a “detached from reality” theme going on here.

My third, and final point, is that the Blue Dragons have had their population decimated, their “government” dismantled (there’s no central authority and the Nexus is all but abandoned), their aspect depowered and their immortality shattered. With a shattered society full of old academics who’ve largely gone their own way… even if they have knowledge, I don’t think they have a great deal of power. At least, not anymore.

In conclusion: The Blue Dragons have been too isolated, focused on academia to the point of impracticality, and weakened by circumstance to really be considered “the most powerful race” of arcane users, in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong; they don’t suck. They’re good and skilled magic users. But they’re not the most powerful.


Dalaran’s mages have never been good at fighting. In their first encounter with the Legion, Archimonde destroyed the city with a mere wave of his hand.

Okay he gave it a hug!

In their last encounter, they cut and run.

As for Stormwind they seem to use their mages more for support and utility than battle.

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All of the “Highborne” Elves = the Shen’drelar Night Elves, the Blood Elves, and Nightborne

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It’s so rare that a race outside of the Humans are allowed to have shows of power and prowess in their use of arcane magic. Dalaran, a center of arcane study, led by a council exclusively of Humans and a Blue Dragon that takes the form of a Human, has a stranglehold on the theme of magic within the game.

We’re told that the various elves are masters of magic with their own esoteric knowledge and artifacts, but rarely is this evident. It would be amazing if Elves formed their own magic-based organization for the preservation of their arts. The vacant Moonguard Stronghold in Suramar would make for a perfect location.


With Arcane knowledge dating back to Azshara’s empire, who’s magical might carved out the largest Empire Azeroth had ever seen, and utterly embarrassed the Empire of Zul, I would say the Nightborne, Shen’dralar, and Moon Guard are the most advanced magic users.

Next best, man it is hard to say. Draenei or Blood Elves probably. Gnomes are probably up there too.

I guess the first thing we should is define what we mean by “Advanced”. Nightborne and Night Elves are probably the most advanced in the sense of traditional sorcerers and Wizards. Gnomes and Draenei are probably most advanced as artificers and magical engineers. Magical-tech, and the invention and creation of magical items.

Blood Elves are probably comparably advanced as well, but I get the feeling they have a more diverse skillset, and end up as a Jack of all trades but Master of none.

H U M A N P O T E N T I A L leads humans to being very capable magic users. Just look at the Kirin Tor and Council of Six. But I feel like is Bias is the story telling, and also probably just humans standing on the shoulders of Elven giants, bringing raw talent to the practice but not much else.

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On top of this Aluneth gloats that if the Player Mage wanted to he/she could casually just send Dalaran toppling(along with Suramar City).

The sheer power the Player Mage has is shocking since we never see the Player go all out and apparently runs low on Mana due to restricting him/herself!

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So what? most of them aren’t of any great shakes, and one of them is a Dragon.

More likely it’s the entity Aluneth flattering its wielder in the hopes that they’ll become arrogant and unleash its full power to the point of losing control and providing an opportunity for it to escape its confinement inside the Greatstaff.

Remember, the intelligence inside Aluneth is a prisoner. It wants out, and the best way to possibly get out is to goad its possessors into being haughty and reckless enough to eventually do something that gets its prison destroyed.