Mortal Dance & Deflecting Dance talent node

So a lot of people have expressed that this feels really terrible.

It forces the option in arena to run with another MS class in order to gain more defenses or you are stuck with picking a way worse MS and lose that extra defense.

My second issue comes with it being outside of arena. When doing world pvp, bg’s, or dueling you have little to no time to swap nodes. This leaves you the chance to go after a healer without the needed healing reduction, or the opposite, where you fight a rogue and the healing reduction isn’t needed.

What are you supposed to take vs WW, Ret, Fury?

There’s still time to fix this, I understand these are both great talents but put them elsewhere just not together.


I honestly don’t know why we are the only class who needs to waste a talent to get our MS


There are 2 things that are certain in this World. Realz plays a Rogue and hates DH players. Nothing else can explain why he trolls us the way he does.


I just want to note that, unless these are genuine alts, not a single Demon Hunter is in this thread.

Deflecting Dance and Mortal Dance share the same node, your forced to take one or the other, which means you can swap between them, depending on the situation.

So its not all that terrible. I dont know why your all doom and gloom about it

Rytes plays a DH.

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They simply want DK and DH to both suck because they hate anti-hero edgelords.


I play DH and I don’t like this change. I completely agree with OP. Having to choose between a mortal strike or surviving longer isn’t great. In pvp, we need BOTH of these. DH is in a really bad spot atm. They could easily fix this by either giving our blade dance dodge back or making mortal dance baseline.