Morning Weekend Raiding 9/9Heroic 3/9 MYTHIC- Team Peach of Ex Inferno!

Howdy! Thanks for your interest in <Ex Inferno>

About Us

We are a medium sized community and last summer we celebrated our 10th year! If you are a laid back, chilled-out person then you are most welcome. We have folks that range from the casual (just learning) to the (fairly sweaty) hardcore gamers. The difference is our skilled players help folks out (when they can) and never look down on those who might not have the same skillsets. Our main community has been supported for a long time with World of Warcraft, but we do play other games; Lost Ark, Minecraft, etc…

Ex Inferno has 7 raid teams, as well as 2 M+ teams and a PVP team with various times and schedules. There is also a community raid every Saturday that anyone in the community can attend and have fun!

Team Peach is Looking for Members!

Sat/Sun from 12pm EST to 3pm EST
Short raid time, so you’ll need to be @ the raid entrance and ready to pull. Goal is Mythic progression. Right now, we are 9/9 Heroic, 3/9 MYTHIC. In VOTI we were 4/8 Mythic, ATSC we were 3/9 mythic. We are looking to continue mythic progression this tier as well.

Tanks: Closed
MDPS: open.
RDPS: Open, preference on Warlock, Shadow Priest, or Evoker, but any outstanding dps works great!
Heals: Open, prefer pally.
We are interested in everybody who believes they are skilled enough for mythic progression.

Contact Info
If you are interested, please feel free to contact me at:
Discord: Lukkx#6335
Battle Tag: Lukk#1927

~Ex Inferno~ does require an interview before you can join the community.

Hope to see you around!

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