Morning guild

Hello i am looking for a Alliance guild to join! 8am-12 works best for me since i work overnight! i am looking to do mythic+ and raid! i play a Assassination rogue i am willing to transfer servers for the right group of people so everyone message if interested! i can answer additional questions that you may have! you can either reply to this post or add my discord Brent#3996( been raiding since Legion always gotten AOTC plus as many mythic bosses as i can)

Hello Braken

Illidan [H] is 11/12M looking for raiders looking to get CE. We are a MORNING raiding guild. We currently have two raid teams, main raid team that is 11/12M currently working on Nzoth and raids WED/THU/FRI 8AM (NOT PM) to 11AM CST. Our second raid team raids Mondays 5/12M 8AM-11AM.

If this interests you let me know,

Withoutt#8803 -Discord
Without#1930- Bnet