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Thank you for linking the wowhead post about this thread. :slight_smile:

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god damn wowhead works fast

Didn’t see it when I posted it

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They are talking about pre-patch, TBC Beta is not a PTR, on TBC launch it will most likely turn into the gray item :slight_smile: I don’t see a PTR for Pre-Patch

World buffs are garbage good riddance

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Hey, the communication from Blizzard in the last day has been really uncharacteristically good.


How about a response to one of the dozens of threads about the changes to arenas that absolutely no one asked for?

Can’t believe the number of people crying about datamined stuff getting smacked out of the sky by blueposts today

Maybe take this crap pulled out of the guts of a copy of the guts of an old videogame with a grain of salt until somebody confirms it for you going forward

there is a classic prepatch ptr up right now and when i logged in my boon’d buffs were gone and the boons in my bag turned into a grey item.

It is actually on the PTR, if you log on the PTR your chronoboon is now a Broken Gizmo. So unless you believe that what is currently RIGHT NOW on the PTR is “datamined” then blizzard is not telling the whole truth. I just did it myself and confirmed it. You can do it yourself if you want.
They even added some flavor text “Even broken, it appears bolstered by some temporal magic.”

Would you go near those threads of you were a blue poster? Its like strapping steaks to your body and jumping into a pool of piranhas.


It speaks volumes if the company is willing to speak to non-issues or curiosities of a few over the course of a few hours rather than the desires of a large portion of its playerbase over months… #JustSaying

Not my fault they wanted so long.

Not only speak to non-issues, but also be completely wrong about them. It’s not working on the pre-patch PTR as we speak. So the datamining thing came right out of…well it came from somewhere. I don’t know where.

Nerd. Go outside.


Why why why?

World buffs literally ruined the entire game. Delete the item and delete world buffs. Seriously.

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