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Edit: Blue response below clarifies the information, I am leaving the rest of the post for the reason the blue response happened.

Chronoboons will not be usable during the pre-patch, that means if you plan to raid at all during the pre-patch for the fun of it to have TBC talents in 60 content, you know for, fun, something blizzard doesn’t understand because their metrics cant quantify it.
You will have to get your buffs the old way, risking dispells and have a summon train.

This also means any dreams of chronoing buffs to go into outlands with and do the first few dungeons you run, with full world buff timers, are dashed. They already do not work after level 63 and are removed upon entry into RAIDS. They had to twist the knife a bit more into the fun.

It was a good 3-4 weeks of chronoboon bliss, thanks blizzard, you killjoys.

I’m not mad about it.


good, actually play the game instead of just slamming your face on the keyboard for a free pass with world buffs


Are they only being removed in lvl 70 raids or will they be removed in the prepatch as well?

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kinda silly. To me it’s more just invalidating the effort they put into chronoboons only to go “PSYCHE” but oh well. Most guilds aren’t really raiding now anymore anyways, far as I can tell personally anyways

yeh actually play the game boosting to 58 … heh hah … play … the … game?

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What are you talking about? We will still have world buffs, we just have to spend more time and effort getting them and making sure we arrive with them.

This doesn’t stop world buffs, just removes a QOL feature that was one of the few good changes blizzard made.

Yea, gonna boost my char then go play pvp on my main with new tbc talents. What part of this isn’t playing? I am confused?

haha yeh dood, totally.

not sure what that has to do with it but you do you, man. enjoy that boost

at that point is it even worth the effort going through all that effort to have them going through the dark portal?

Ill quote myself robot.


I just confirmed with our dev team that yes, we intend Chronoboom Displacer to be usable in version 2.5 so that players who are raiding Naxx during pre-patch shouldn’t experience any difference.

I think the datamined item is just an older design that’s still hanging around, but isn’t being used at this time.


beep boop

seriously why do people say this kind of crap to people they don’t like?

well that’s disappointing…oh well

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Fast response though. Oh well, thread is now over. GG move on!


It was found on the PTR in the bags of a guild member of mine, he posted the picture, prompting me to make this post.

I pretty much anticipated that.

It’s obvious when they program the displacer that is was also program to not work for character above lv 63. If you’re 64, you can’t use it period.

I was certain it was already planned that way to avoid riots

Sir I believe there are some PvP threads you should read at some point today <3 <3 <3

Thanks for the info you’ve been giving us today. Very useful blueposts.

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lol world buffs andy

No, on PTR if you copy in a character with the Chronoboon, it turns into a gray item, and Chromie no longer sells them.

Noticed that as well… massive threads with thousands of replies and this one gets an almost immediate response…

That said, I am glad to see blizzard is paying attention, but it confirms they are ignoring pretty massive groups in order to not come out and say “no” or whatever lol