More summonable demons... one day... maybe?

I can see a world where our demons aren’t the same as hunter pets as it would require the devs to possibly give us baseline abilities such as interrupts and what not, but I do not see what is stopping them from adding new demons which I would love.

Blizz has said it’s because they want the pet specs to function differently. Look at the Unholy DK. They have one ghoul to summon. It’s not ideal but the corrupt collector pet class is hunter.
Also, I’ve played warlock main since BC and remember when there was a quest to learn your summon demon spell that was basically binding a specific demon to you. This is how warlocks work in most fiction, i.e. warlock patrons in D&D.
I personally don’t mind the system the way it is, but it is about time to get a new permanent demon. I’ve always personally liked the idea that was floated around of a demon that does weak damage but has a heal/shield ability for the group.

Was hoping for new demons since cataclysm. Thinking that one day as time went on we’d get a new demon to summon. Then Mop comes and we get grimoire of supremacy and it really feels like time is moving on and my character is developing. But then bam WoD comes and hope fades. Completely went away when legion came out and we saw demonology get washed away into something else. Along with introducing us to a bunch of new demons that we can’t even control.

Nah dawg, after defeating the Burning Legion what we need is more hunter pets and druid forms.

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We do need more different demons, we do need more demon customization.

The way I see it, is probably pertaining to the way the old devs coded the demons to work with the class. Only reason I have for that though is the whole issue with the old wrathguard two weapon bug.

Where the new devs couldn’t figure out how to actually correct the code because it’s probably been through some many coding iterations of different devs that’s it been lost in the sauce so they went the lazy way of fixing it and got rid of it.

I’m just assuming but that’s the only reason I can think of. Since hunters have been getting new additions every expansion. Whatever happen with the locks code with demons they don’t know how to implement w.o causing problems.

It does seem like a simple things from the players view but something has to be going on with the warlocks class coding with the demons that they rather just not mess with it.

Look at the felgaurd stun/interrupt that should have been simple but it seemed like they just didn’t wanna mess with the code too much or couldn’t figure out how to get it, till they did.

I can see where you’re going with this and it is a possible reason as to why, we have **** all for demons/customization, but there is one more possible reason as to why and I subscribe to it over the coding issue and it is: Devs who knows whats going on and are too scared to disrupt the status quo. Look at mop as an exmaple, some of the best warlock development and the dev responsible for it got the boot, slowly they’ve been undoing his work and those he conspired with.


Well I just didn’t want to go that route.

Just seems like some of the specs are a little outdated and this isn’t just to warlock, just specifically some of the casters.

I’d like to see an extra summoned demon that cycled through draining life from mobs to channeling health to the Felguard. That would give us some chance of burst healing our pet.

So this specific dev actually elaborated on this pet problem in a blog post a few years back and the stated reason was that originally warlock pets were not designed as companions the way hunter pets were. Warlock pets were designed as an extension of your your toolkit and as such, you weren’t supposed to pick the pet you wanted but the pet you needed.

Essentially what it boiled down to with warlock pets there was always a right answer and a wrong answer for which pet you should have summoned at any given time and adding more pets just muddied the waters because now they were either power creeping on the original pets (Case and point example he used was the felguard, which a few developers didn’t want to add for this exact reason.) or it fills a more narrow niche from the other pets making it’s addition worthless for anything but flavor.

With the way warlock pets are designed just about the only way to make this work without an overhaul is to make the new pets basically just skins for the old pets with abilities that are functionally identical to one specific demon’s but with different names and animations. So basically just a more broad version of the glyph system we currently have.


This makes sense, i’d happily settle for a pure cosmetic reskin if it gave us more variety though.


As long as we get new pets. Don’t think anyone ever cared if they were more powerful, just more cosmetics options. As in different demons.


Please if you agree post on the main thread,

Baal has made an amazing posts with ideas, bump it, throw your suggestions, one day this could be a reality.


Legion SHOULD have been our expansion but Blizzard was on a giant fanservice cash grab there with bringing in things like old well known characters (varimathras, illidan, guldan, kiljaedan, tichondrius, even demons like jaraxxus showed up), famous weapons like the Ashbringer, the Kingslayers, Doomhammer and sort of Frostmourne, and… Demon Hunters.

And just as Demon Hunters stole many of our abilities, they also stole the expansion away from us. Instead of Warlocks getting a lot of attention for their association with demons, Demon Hunters swooped in from out of nowhere led by their retconned-back-to-life leader Illidan to get all the fancy demonic attention. Even the skull of guldan, which, sure, is most known for being used by Illidan, is still a warlock / demonic thing.

And to rub salt in the wounds the first ever friendly Dreadlord was introduced into the game… as a lightforged companion for Paladins. Wonderful. We should think ourselves lucky to have gotten the Eredar Twins. Honestly kind of surprised Blizz didn’t throw them at Demon Hunters too.


Years of waiting for what the legion invasion would bring to warlocks was ruined by their over obsession for storyline fan service and demon hunters.
We conquered a whole demon world that we will never talk about again and a bunch of demons on that island that we cant even summon.

The thing about hunters is that, they can 100% tame a creature named “Skittering demon” and call it a beast… If they can have their own little demon, why can’t we have our own little service? Maybe if we want to swap demons out, we could in theory need to subjugate the demon proper. Like lower its health-ish a bit and then use the subjugate spell on it. We won’t obviously be able to give the demons names ourselves since demons have their own names, but it’ be nice to wander around with a doom guard constantly following you and punching people for you. Maybe give us a grimoire to choose which of our subjugated demons we want out. Just an Idea!

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That’s a pretty cool idea! Imagine had we gotten a chain quest in Legion to obtain a “Summoning Grimoire” and the spell “Subjugate Demon” or just use our Enslave spell to tame demons and add them to our grimoire.

An example-ish like thing… Ddemon warlocks could have… A nathrezim as the chosen demon for demonic tyrant. A Man’ari can be chosen to replace the felguard, using their blade to slash. Maybe a Wyrmtongue for the imp, or an inquisitor. Just examples.

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Yeah, man. Hunters can tame nearly anything these days. Beasts, large beasts, dinosaurs, spectral beasts, mechanical beasts, technically demon beasts (like argus goats), now undead beasts too! Blizzard does everything they can to ensure hunters get new and exciting things to collect each expansion (often each major patch…) but they struggle to give us a single glyph once every few years.

I don’t mean to sound entitled or anything but it’s stuff like this that makes us continue believing blizz hates warlocks

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We can at least reach 1726k hp on our demons in Torghast, so we have that going for us. Its possible they don’t pay too much attention to warlocks, which can in theory allow for some things to slip past.

One idea I saw I liked was the idea of buying a soul stone like object and going out and collecting the soul of the demon by using the soul stone item on the demon and than going back to the demon trainer and placing it into a socket. It would work nice if they set it up for certain demons to be used in certain spots. It always weirded me out that dispite being strong casters of demonic powers some of the best choices were to summon a imp and only one imp into a fight. Instead of summoning a replacement for the imp like a doomguard, overfiend, eradar or any other kind of demon to replace it that was known for using magic.