More Stable Slots

Little bit of a first world problem, but I’d love to see more Stable Slots added! On this fella, I’ve almost reached the limit, and have done so a few times. I have to keep abandoning older pets for new ones :frowning: which is something I’d rather avoid. I think generally this is a positive idea, and honestly can’t think of any cons for it!

Surely with today’s technology this can be achieved. :slight_smile:


I also would love to have more slots in my hunter pet stable. I have 4 slots open and I would love to have more space for a lot more of the hunter pets that I want to collect. I’ve had to get rid of some just to make room for ones and I really would like to have kept them all.

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I play a plethora of hunter alts so rarely run into this issue for myself, but as a loyal hunter I have to support it for hunters who don’t want to have half their account be hunters for the sake of pet collection.

To clarify, I have so many alts because I’m an altaholic who just really enjoys the class. It just also comes with the benefit of having a ridiculous amount of stable space between all of them.

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Today, i just found out there was a 2nd page in the stable…i’ve been releasing pets back into the wild this entire time to make space. omg !! :frowning:

Technically, there are 20 pages in the stables for you to put pets in there, for a total of 200 stable slots. That is in addition to the 5 slots you have for active pets, assuming you’re high enough level to have unlocked those 5 Call Pet slots.

But yeah, ouch… :confused:

On that note, the default Pet Stables interface isn’t very good(IMO). It’s been more or less the same for close to 2 decades, the only changes being more stable slots added. In the early days, when you only had 3 stable slots in total, it wasn’t that big of a deal. But when each page only shows 10 slots, now resulting in a total of 20 pages to flip back and forth between when you want to manage pets, this isn’t…optimal. To say the least.