More squishy with more vers?

I noticed this in shadowlands too, when I go over 30% verse it’s like every % point makes me take more damage. It was so bad in shadowlands I had to purposely be around 30% versatility. I couldn’t go any higher because I took way more damage. I think their formula is programmed wrong despite what it says. I switched to 37% vers on my mage instead of 29.9% and I’m taking so much more damage from everything than I did with 30% or under. The damage I am taking is comparable to having 15% versatility when I actually have 37%. Is this a bug? Does anyone else have this happen on their mages with more than 30% vers?

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This warrants investigation! I’ll swap some gear around tomorrow and see if things feel different.

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not sure if I can trust this guy

you gotta hit a pvp dummy to active pvp stats

Yes the weighted stat allocation of versatility is inversely proportional to its percentage leading to a paradoxical outcome of more damage taken per incremental increase past the point of no return (i.e 30% or the “event horizon” if you will). It was originally hoped that this previously theoretical limit would never be reached but alas life finds a way and that which was science fiction yesterday is reality today.


PvP dummy doesn’t account for it being a player though. Like certain abilities do more damage to players and not PvP dummies.

I actually think this is happening though. Lol.

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Uh, nothing like this currently exists at last check and what I imagine you’re seeing is simply damage outpacing the defensive aspect of vers. If you wanna test in a duel or war game and post results that’d be neato, though, assuming you’re filtering out trinket/weapon procs and whatnot.

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After BfA scaling I wouldn’t put this past them but yeah I think we’d need some more concrete proof.

as with everything i simply go with what exalter says. it’s fact as far as i’m concerned.

Crazier than anything I’ve ever posted

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as your vers goes up, everyone else’s does. vers grants extra damage exactly twice as fast as it grants defense, so if everything else is equal your time to live will always drop when you and the enemy both gain vers

Does anyone know how to show absorbs in combat log? My ice barrier absorbs do not show. Like it shows for some classes but when a warrior hits me, it doesn’t show for auto attacks and heroic throws.

So its under combat log settings>combat>what happened to me >melee>misses

Not sure why its considered a miss

I am gonna do some tests now lol, took 1hr to fix my combat log lol

Copying muds mog :pensive:

A crime against biebz

There are very few ways to actually test this in a controlled environment, especially in pvp. Simplest way that will only impact versatility is to be a druid with mark of the wild, testing it in a pvp flagged area so your pvp stats are always enabled. And then you just toggle mark of the wild on and click it off to see damage difference. Dot damage that remains constant over its duration is the best way to test this.

I haven’t someone to test it with in pvp, but can say definitively that in pve more vers doesn’t randomly cause you to start taking more damage after a certain arbitrary point.

Who is muds? who is biebz?

I have 5 mages with 5 different mogs lmao. Don’t think I’m copying anybody lol

Yea, I am having a hard time finding a way to test this lmao. I wish the pvp dummy would attack back. Plus there is other modifiers against players and health % and too many factors that go into PvP that is not easily found/documented without scouring patch notes.

You can duel my druid and use nether tempest