More Realm Mergers Please - with examples

More people are leaving the Medium size for Full Realms. By Locking Faerlina, Benediction and Fulfuras, those of us that left those to help populate are ending up with yet another need to xfer as those realms are being pulled into a new super realm. Mankirk is an example of a new Super realm.

Idea for mergers:


PVP Realms:
US East: Earthfury + Eranikus and call it Eranikus as it is the larger one

PvE Realms:
US East: Windseeker + Westfall + Ashkandi and call it Ashkandi or Westfall as they hve the higher population.

By merging these last lower populations into their not full populated realms, we would have enough population to support the classic community as a whole. With Ulduar coming out soon, we will see more action, but just like with launch, it lasts about 1-2 weeks and falls off. This change is for the greater good of the game in the short and long term.

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Earthfury has senority.
It should be named Earthfury.

Remember the last time that the din for merges got loud?
Servers were closed and the lifeboats were filled. People had to transfer to keep playing. Guess we are headed in that direction again since Blizz has said they don’t have the infrastructure to support a couple of mega realms*.

*just relaying their message not conveying support or casting doubt on its veracity

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Eranikus has quite a large population already. Ironforge.Pro shows it as having more than 11K active raiders; which Skyfury, which is locked has a little over 6K (and is quite active).

11k raiders is dead these days

Lmao you cant make this up. 11k would have been one of the largest servers around just 3 years ago


crappy comment is crappy

I got my numbers from dexerto. They are similar to that of ironforge pro server populations.

As of December 15th Population
Ashkandi 6,655
Westfall 6,553
Windseeker 5,627
Earthfury 2,004

I play on Windseeker and the above numbers do match what I feel is like in the game.

Earthfury would actually add about 2k to Eranikus to boost them to just 13k on average.

My idea would make all the populations sit around 15k which is far more healthy than 5 or 6k. better economy, more options to play (day or night), and more community options.

Yeah, lets not foster the potential creation of more mega servers, more so now given that blizzard has decided to “Readjust” layering which has lead to ever increasing amounts of LAG, overcrowding and other very annoying issues.

Besides, I prefer medium/smaller servers over mega ones any day and I’m sure a lot would be inclined to agree with me.

If a server is super dead yeah, but 6k+ active players is fine.


This thread/topic becomes relevant once again:

I mean, you’re entitled to your opinion as much as anyone else.

With the current population on Skyfury, while I do recognize some people from time to time if/when I PuG, there are still tons of guilds that I’ve never heard of, which suggests to me that even with the population we have, we’re still much larger than servers were during original Wrath.

It’s not like it’s ever difficult to find people for various content, so (at least in my opinion) it’s an incredibly healthy server.

Servers that have 20K+ and are single faction on the other hand have population sizes that detract from the experiences that make Classic what it is, imo.

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It’s a good idea, but Blizzard is allergic to merging servers. It’s too much work for this backburner project. I remember that one of their objections to this proposal was seriously that people wouldn’t accept being merged into a larger realm because of character names.

Admittedly, I’m unaffected as I’m on none of the listed servers. I just wanted to point out that the above servers all have what Blizzard feels is a healthy population. Earthfury I’d argue is the only one that actually needs some help out of the servers listed. While 5.6k-6.6k fails in comparison to the bigger servers with 12-15k+ population, it is still absolutely healthy and has more than enough players to do something with. Also keep in mind, you’re looking at population nearly 3 months after launch. All servers are seeing a decline because people are raid logging, and a good portion are actually just not logging in at all for the remainder of phase 1 because they don’t need to. Some, like myself are playing other games while waiting for phase 2 to drop.

So let’s say they merge servers like you suggested brings a server up to 15k. Now phase 2 drops and all the people who have stopped playing come flooding back for phase 2, it’s now a 25-30k+ server.

Earthfury is just fine as-is. We don’t need to lose our names and guild names, never mind get hit with lag on the resultant server, because some schlep on a forum says so.

Nothing to see here; move along.

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What does this even mean? With a large number of realms currently locked, how exactly do you figure this situation is worse for smaller realms than before?

Even in a worst-case scenario where people flood to the largest possible realms, the WoW team’s new rules around locking servers means there’s a cap to how much of the population the largest realms can soak up, and the population is gradually dispersed over a greater number of servers.

you’re pointing this out in arguably the worst tier of wrath.
people are struggling to keep roster more than clear the content.
give it like a month then realms will actually be active.

people crying that servers are dead seem to forget. Tier 7 is the worst point in Wrath outside of ToC. there is almost naught to do. the raids are a joke, and its pretty much the build alts until actual content comes out.

Here is another PoV that is a minority and I agree I am in the minority here. Some people work evening/nights. I do not work either, but I am unable to play in the evening because of life obligations. There are a lot of people still playing during the morning/afternoon; but Raiding is held to be a night event in almost every guild. The larger Realms have GDKP and more PUG runs. Lower population realms like I have listed, do not have such opportunities.

With the locking mechanics of some realms, those of us that left these realms so we could play the game without huge log in times, were actually punished as it would appear the lower population realms do not run this level of outside guild runs as the mega realms do.

If they allowed those of us that xfer off of the realms we started at to go back, I think that would be a great fix for us that want to have the larger realm experience.

Tell me you don’t value the community experience without telling me you don’t value the community experience. Imagine wrecking the experience for thousands of players and their guilds as they need to rename and relearn who is who. Yuck.

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they should really just have 2 servers in each region one for pvp and one for pve. I bet there isnt even enough players to fill 1 server anymore.

it should be the following:
Vanilla - 1 pve, 1 pvp (USA) and 1 of each in the rest of the world
TBC - same as above
Wrath - 1 pve, 1 pvp for east, and 1 set for west and other parts of the world
Cata - same as above
whatever the next xpac and so on and so on until the greatest of all xpac…
Legion (YES!) 9999 servers!!! go go go

That’s me!

Not true. I can find a run within 20-30 min pretty much all day.

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Earthfury just crashed down, at which point I got stuck in a queue, even without some other server being merged into it. I repeat: No thank you to mergers! These servers can’t even stay up as they are, never mind with thousands more people jammed onto them!

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