More people get suspended for common talk than cheating in pvp lmao

I’ve seen more players be banned, suspended, reprimanded for ‘‘trash’’ talk in pvp than for bots, hacks, tool assisted gameplay (kickbot, automated rotation bot, etc.). Should blizzard really focus on filtering their community’s voices and freedom of speech over the things that actually made retail pvp a game mode with only 5700 or less players ? More and more people are leaving pvp in WoW since legion, funnily pvp was going up in popularity until it hit legion at its peak, down in bfa, back up for corruption in S4 back down to a low amount in s1 of Shadowlands than a spike down under 1/3 of legion in the next seasons down to barely anyone left in S4 that less than 80 people could get r1. DF is even lower than Shadowlands seasons. And blizzard wonder’s why…


You’re not going to see anyone get banned for anything unless you start narcing on them. And they do ban for cheating. Also possible that people you think are cheating simply aren’t.

I’ve gotten 2 of these :dracthyr_uwu:


They hardly work. I have sent multiple screeenshots of people literally going goblin mode and losing their godforsaken mind, yet blizzard has done nothing for these players. All I get when forwarding these screenshots is a lot of nothing or an automated response.

Yeah, the cheating thing drives me crazy too, but the people that are totally unhinged dont get a ban at all. I have zero idea how it works.

All I know is that everything is broken since someone got reported for having a “carrion bird” name as a pet. I honestly don’t even know how nothing gets banned anymore.

you narc on people by right clicking and clicking report player, who you sending screenshots to


I’ve actually seen alot of twitter post, if you do your research on facebook/twitter, of people getting suspended, silenced, banned for saying words like the F bomb, or telling someone their are just bad at what they do, or even just saying ‘’ you suck ‘’ which all are pretty chill but under the TOS they are technically not friendly so against TOS. If you read TOS, anything they deem not friendly comment can get you suspended, like ‘’ you’re not funny ‘’.

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So, you have zero concrete evidence, then?

If I start doing research on social media, someone please push me off valdrakken. I have wings and will survive, but just at least try and end me.


I’ve yet to be any of these and I curse like a homeless sailor who lives at the Salvation Army.

People always claim bans / suspensions for “‘mild trash talk” but I’m generally on the boat of you probably said something fairly f’d up bc tilted and can’t say same thing anywhere else.

Social contracts exist in the whole world btw, blizzard just went and asked us to sign off on it which people do without reading then get mad when they call someone a slur or something else and get suspended which they previously signed saying would happen and they’d be ok with.

Classic leopards ate my face.


Happened to me a few times. =/

Just a matter of who is reporting you AND who is reviewing it. I have said some very mild things to people and gotted flagged for it. It’s extremely random. I tend to say very little these days because of it.


If you don’t get reported, you don’t get actioned. So it doesn’t really matter who is reporting you, just that anyone is reporting you at all. Even 1 report can eventually lead to account action.


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sure, but this one is in spanish :
Entre tanto he estado revisando de nuevo lo ocurrido.

Me temo que no esta ya en nuestra mano el seguir revisando este tema, puesto que ya ha sido revisado en varias ocasiones. Lo lamento pero la sanción permanecerá ya que fuiste silenciado por comentarios como, “idiot” o “useless”.

seems deserved to me. don’t degrade people.


By who I mean the context provided in the report.

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I believe it does happen on mild occasions. Not saying it never happens, just that probably most suspensions are due to saying what we signed off agreeing to not say.

I also use the other language I speak to curse at times, and did get a forum 24 for doing so (deserved since I used the f word in Italian to bypass the filter).

I’ve never filled in anything into that report box to provide any context

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I wonder if you can get banned for telling a healer to not sac you when wall is up…

maybe they’re throwing sac out there to avoid a trap or poly

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I don’t think so.

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And I haven’t always been banned when I say a naughty word. Clearly there are MORE factors at play. It would be safe to assume it’s the person reviewing it, as well as the potential context provided.

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yea it doesn’t specify in a context, this was for the ban of someone who said :
‘’ Don’t call me an idiot ‘’

you’re tellin me how to play my class and use my abilities? are you suggesting im bad? reported buddy that’s against the social contract