More neutral races in Seeds of renewal, please

The Character Select Screen has unfortunately become quite cluttered over the years. New players, in particular, might wonder why, for example, a human with a little more weight is labeled as a new race rather than simply being an adjustment for regular humans, or why a brown Orc (lack of Fel) isn’t just a customization option for regular Orcs.

These are just two of many examples. A new player will only see several copies of the same race. This trend is now continued with a third variation of Dwarves and while I appreciate that the Horde is getting access to Dwarves, adding a third color variation for Dwarves on the Alliance side only makes it more confusing.

According to wowhead, it seems that Arathi humans will also play a role in the upcoming expansion, suggesting that you might want to add this variant as a race. This makes sense for the Horde, but on the Alliance side, it seems even more nonsensical.

WoW has a very strict racial separation in place, which I honestly consider an outdated and often questionable system. Race should never be the deciding factor for loyalty. How someone looks/what they are born as should not be the crucial factor in determining which group they can join. It should be the values that matter.

While it’s good that the Horde has access to Night Elves/Nightborne, female humans through the Dracthryr, Dwarves and possibly soon humans and the Alliance has access to Void Elves, it could all be made much easier and more manageable through sub races and neutral races in general.
That’s why I would like to request in this thread that in the next patch (if time permits), you start making the existing races or at least some of them neutral.

-In case we start with Allied Races-

For example, for the Horde:

  • Lightforged Draenei - should have been neutral anyway.
  • Mechagnomes - should have been neutral anyway.
  • Kul Tiran Humans - some already worked with the Horde; you could place a pirate ship in Orgrimmar, for example.
  • Dark Iron Dwarves - fit thematically perfectly into the Horde.
  • Void Elves - admittedly, a bit tricky after the exile, but since Midnight revolves around the Void, they could be incorporated there. (so you could maybe take Gnomes, Draenei or dwarves instead first)

For the Alliance:

  • Nightborne - should have been neutral anyway.
  • Highmountain Tauren - should have been neutral anyway.
  • Vulpera - quite easy to include by taking a group of traveling merchants from Kul Tiras, docking their ship in Stormwind. Would be the counterpart to pirate Kul Tirans for the Horde.
  • Zandalari Trolls - an independent tribe from the desert could be taken (alternatively, Goblins, Tauren, Undead, and Blood Elves as High Elves might be easier, although you probably want to save the latter for Midnight).
  • Mag’har Orcs - admittedly, probably more difficult at the moment; could be temporarily replaced with Goblins as a neutral race.

I understand, of course, that faction changes are important for your company as a business model. However, imposing race division of all things seems more than out of place. Factions can still differ through various mounts, transmogs and cities.


Nuuu, I want my danger noodle snake boys as a neutral allied race ;*(

And yes, Nightborne should have been neutral. It was a night elf druid that virtually saved them from withering by building them a new mana tree to restore them, yet some harsh words from Tyrande made the Nightborne ally with the faction that burned down a world tree.


Actual new races like Sethrak, Arakkoa and what not are also welcomed! :grin:

I’m just not really a fan of adding recolor versions of already existing races, instead of just taking the races we already have and giving them more customizations…


This is an incredibly unrealistic expectation. Especially for a minor patch. I think you underestimate how much set up and story Blizzard would want to do to do something like this let alone what this would mean for certain systems and code. Not possible