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listen is no 2019, no one is upset about layers anymore. we just want to play. im a pretty average “dad gamer.” i play 3-4 hours a night after ive put the kids to bed. the only friends i have that play are on benediction. i have no interest in switching servers. everyone wants to play on the mega servers, the option to have a free migration to a dead server is like choosing between a bullet or a knife. its not an option. its 3:00pm in the after noon and i tried to log in, facing a 7,000 player queue. playing 3-4 hours a day but having to wait 2-3 hours (or 4 and a half hours like last night) means i dont play.

please do whatever you have to to give us more layers. and make the auction house work.

Layers do not help the queue, my friend. Layers on a server is like dividing a room. All you’ve done is divided the room for people to cram into, but the room itself did not grow in size and still can only hold so many people. Even if Benediction was given 10 15 20 layers, the server limitations did not get any bigger, it will still only hold the same player capacity as it did before.

In order to allow for more players on at one time they’d have to upgrade their entire sever infrastructure, which is something that can not be done over night, and would not come cheaply.

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Blizzards own posts says your idea that they can’t increase server size is wrong.

In 2019 they adjusted the number of players that could be online at any time, lowering queues. They could do it again.

Is there realistically anything that can be done other than dividing the said servers up?

That has nothing to do with layers though. That’s my point. That post was also made on Aug 19th, before prepatch launched. It says they’re steadily increasing. Still something that is going to take a lot of time to do across the board, and a lot more money. That’s why they aren’t just flipping a switch. Still has ZERO to do with layers.

they have the technology
they just dont have the mone… wait

they just want to piss you off and get more money out of transfers
yeah. that makes more sense

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The post is from august 2019, not august 19th 2022. Lol

Alright so I was wrong about date, that still doesn’t change a single thing my dude.

It’s gonna get worse on release this is just a taste of what’s to come. It won’t get better until dragonflight releases, cut your losses now and look for a different server, pagle has plenty of people if your alliance and whitemane is always lit when I’m on. I wouldn’t expect blizzard to compensate for your time.

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