MOP Remix: Removed from group

Getting removed from a group should not be making you a deserter. We didn’t have the option to stay and i was removed from group because i died in the dungeon… Not my fault tank wasn’t tanking, healer wasn’t healing and a “dps” priest was trying to glitch the game with the level 20 trick which is stupid. Please fix. I dont pay yearly to be treated like this in a game.

That was a deliberate implementation choice by the developers, though. As is evidenced by the support article.

Which means that no matter what you think about it, it’s not a bug. It’s just a deliberate design choice by the devs, and by the only definition that matter (the developers’) it isn’t a bug. It’s considered “NOTABUG working as intended”.

QA will disregard this because they know it’s not a bug. If you want the developers to reconsider this choice, you need to post someplace where suggestions are accepted. Which isn’t here.