MoP Remix Faction Change Bug - Dungeon Finder Locked - Can't complete Recalling the War


I did a faction change so I could queue for instanced content with the rest of my guild. After the faction change, I have the quest “Recalling the War” which unlocks the dungeon finder, but I can’t complete it. If I abandon it, I can talk to Eternus and see the cutscene again, but then it just drops me in the air because the airship is gone. Eternus is there, stealhed on the ground, but clicking him doesn’t do anything. I can’t turn the quest in.

“Recalling the War” is the quest that unlocks the Group Finder, so I’m locked out of that content entirely.

GMs told me to report here, so I am.


I’m also have this bug, hoping this gets resolved quickly!


I had this problem when I faction changed my DH just now.

My solution to fix it was to get my second account (can be replaced with another individual/friend) to make a fresh toon and to party sync with me. I had both characters pick up the quest Recalling the War and was able to port to the ship with my other toon in party sync and turn in the quest. This demon hunter now has scenarios and dungeon finder unlocked.

That was just my personal way around this issue though and I hope it gets fixed without needing to do this.

Hope this helps!

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so i wasnt getting campaign markers or the ability to que for dungeons. i flew to the timeless isle and picked up the quest. had a buddy make a new toon and just sat there while he party shared, flew to the ship and did the first timeless quest and campaign quest. it fixed all my issues

Confirmed this works, thank you!!!

The second person doesn’t have to go through the whole intro quest; it’s enough to turn on party sync, pick the dialogue that lets you skip right to “Recalling the War”, and then complete the quest.

Having the same issue after completing all the quests as alliance then faction changing. It’s really unfortunate everything doesn’t carry over. I’m working on the quests I’d already done and when I try to complete Recalling the War, nothing happens. That seems like a lot of trouble just to complete a quest when it’s clearly an issue on Bliz end.

Let me know when it’s resolved.