[MOP Remix] Cheating at Violet Rise

For the past several days I have noticed Horde players camped at Violet Rise, the Alliance Base Camp, at the portal in the Isle of Thunder, flagged for PVP, and killing Kirin Tor Defenders and other NPC’s. They appear to be taking advantage of a hyper-spawn as their cloak stats are going up and they have very high health. Please look into this and other hyper-spawns. It is not fair to those of us playing the mode without cheating.


To counter this, cloaks are very minimal parts of that vast majority of power. No hyperspawns should have been nerfed, it is not cheating, it is not abuse or anything of the sort. It was called out in PTR and clunkily taken out in steps. What is left should remain. This is not exploiting this is just a symptom of a larger issue of bronze acquisition.


Agreed that this isn’t cheating; what is cheating is how many of these accounts are seemingly just spamming a button at the same interval. I don’t think that a player is actually manning the account it’s on.

Also, I would just use the in-game reporting system to get a faster response @julehces

I have seen players spamming a button too. In this case, monks are deploying their statue, and it appears to trigger numerous attacks via the cogwheel/tinkers. The players are clearly AFK.

Sure, yeah, point out that as the main issue, not the fact that they’re farming hyperspawns. Call it out as concisely as possible or the root issue won’t be addressed correctly.

Hyperspawnimg mobs for in and outside of game financial gain has been around since at least Cataclysm, to my recollection.

Is people benefiting from these increased spawn rares, currencies now, the end of a long stigma that is in essence the end of what should be allowed, ever. Punishable by death, er, suspension or ban.

Maybe, it’s just inappropriate for this version of the game, Remix.
Within the confines of the template, it will be enforced as poor, correctable behavior.

Elsewhere its just day to day life?