Moonlit prism

Not sure if this is the best place for such a post but the moonlit prism from Vault of the Wardens should be nerfed before next legion timewalking event, currently sims too well for frost and arcane which just becomes a worse problem factoring in higher ilvls and stat DR next tier, assuming theres no OP raid trinket this will 100% be a time gated piece of BiS, and most would agree that shouldnt be the case.

This isn’t just a mage problem. Legion dungeons had a lot of really good trinkets and Blizzard had to know that re-introducing them via Timewalking M+ would present all sorts of problems but they just don’t care.

There’s absolutely no reason for Legion M+ to be tied to Timewalking just like there was no reason for the MT to be either. But again they just don’t care and aren’t going to back down in spite of the backlash because they’re too pigheaded to admit when they’ve made a bad decision.

The only thing that scares them into action is when people start walking away en masse and canceling their subs but even then it’s always half measures because they don’t want to admit that they screwed up in the first place.

Unfortunately, that’s Blizzard now, if you don’t agree with the way they run the game your best bet is to just quit because they are not going to listen to reason or logic or sims or statistics… with the risk of repeating myself: they just don’t care.


Chill out my guy they already nerfed whetstone and other melee trinkets its not as messedd up as you say but you probably dont care or play anyway to make sure what your saying isnt coming out of your hole

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Either nerf it or make Legion dungeons permanent so we have a chance to farm it without going insane.

And here I was happy that I got mine on the first day.

By the way, I miss the Flame Wreath trinket from Karazhan.

You seem a bit upset by a legit response. If you’re gonna post on the forums, you’re going to get feedback. Some of it you won’t like.

I have it, but with the tier set for Arcane, the 246 version is on par or better than all 278 SL dungeon trinkets, and the 272 version is 250 dps better than the best simming 278 SL dungeon trinket. Unless the new raid has an amazing trinket, not getting this trinket during the one week of Legion Timewalking next patch will put you at a substantial disadvantage.

You are so spot on. The fact that a top simming trinket is being time gated behind an event that only happens every few months blows my mind. Nerf it already. This isn’t talked about right now, but after people have acquired it, once the next legion TW hits, and raid parses come out you can imagine the outrage that will hit the forums. Fix it now to avoid future issues. Tired of blizzzard being reactive instead of proactive.

The only outrage are people that are crying because they didnt get the trinket after running two times. Just because something sims well does not mean it will he more viable due to mechanics. From what I have seen with the trinket it is on par with raid trinkets and ruby. If you want all old content to be nerfed you can cry about rogues using edge of night or old warrior soul for warriors.

They should just let legion timewalking be a permanent thing as it keeps content relevant for players that enjoy it and doesnt hurt. The only people that will dislike it are the people that feel compelled to farm a trinket that gives them a 0.01 dps increase on a sim. Sims are cool but like if you arent going to get every mythic jailer, rygelon, dreads drop… why complain that it’s too good… mythic raid gear is to good for mythic+ wonder if you want that to change… I do

It’s literally BiS right up there next to Unbound Changeling (Haste) for casters, at least. It is extremely sought after, yet gated by the community and placed on an artificial timer with it being only available for a short time.

To put it this way, any Vault of Wardens +2 that popped in your search list would have more applicants than you can shake a stick at in a matter of seconds because of that one single trinket. If you were lucky enough to get into a handful of runs, great. A large majority probably have only gotten in a few times, but that’s my speculation on the matter. This isn’t including people who have tight-knit guilds/groups that would game the system in refilling their keys each time they did a +2, with again only a small chance at the trinket.

Even if it’s pretty much actual BiS, other trinkets are absolutely viable. Although it’s a tough lump to swallow when you could’ve had that trinket, and be done with it.

Personally, I was wasting so much of my time just attempting to get into a Vault of Wardens, and was only able to twice.

For Arcane at least it’s miles ahead of any other trinket. For Frost and Fire it’s very close to BiS, but a lot more in line with the rest.

I’ve run it over 50 times, from +2s to +18s and didn’t see a single drop. The Legion Timewalking should be at least 2 weeks longs instead of just a single week, but of course I’d prefer if it were permanent.

Time walking should be a monthly or permanent thing when it comes to mythic+ timewalking. I’ll agree arcane spec has a good burst window for the 20stacks but I thought arcane was also a dead spec before that as fire and frost were out performing arcane. So to me the trinket let’s arcane pull back into the race.

Arcane is the best spec for Anduin for example. It has its niches, but yeah, it’s in a rough spot.

I’ll agree timegated stuff is pretty bad in the game like the way tier was done. From my experience and what others do was you either form a team with other players that had a key or you formed a key for 2 spam in Hope’s of getting wardens or cos. I think it’s stupid that first sigil is a very nice trinket yet its locked through raid and that content is locked to weekly quests if you are a non raider.

I got it and I don’t know if its as big of a problem as your making it out to be. The stacking buff it provides stacks quickly with spells like arcane missiles as each missile generates a stack. This works with NF shifting power aswell. It does fit into the arcane tool kit, but in practice it can be difficult to lineup perfectly with the Kyrian arcane combo and hope for a crit. Many people prefer a trinket they can macro into AP. double on use trinkets also sim high, but a lot of people don’t use that option, as in practice its difficult to pull off.

I would compare it kinda like the font in BFA, as you needed to time that well before your burst, but with more requirements, as you cannot pre-pull with it, you need to hit a target and you need to have the mana to support it and it really helps to have a CC lined up for it.

I cannot image many other classes have a fast way to generate stacks. If they found it problematic, they could just change that interaction and this would resolve it for all future trinkets aswell.