Moonglade as a safe Zone


Is moonglade consided a safezone? I figured since it was a sacred place for druids of both factions there would be no killing around here. Just got attacked by a shadowpriest while travelling through the glade. Giana I will not forget this!!!


Nowhere is safe.


Just figured this being an RP server we would have some area’s considered sacred. Also beckett, screw you last week for camping me outside BRM in searing gorge. You sneaky rogues always get me when Im mounting before I can change to bear form <3


The thing is, for every RPer who might be playing a character that would be willing to consider some areas sacred, there’s another RPer playing a psychopathic monster who eats brains or something.

And then, there’s another hundred players for every two RPers who don’t RP at all and just want the honor, unfortunately =/



I am from an RP server and I am a druid. So I ‘do’ consider Moonglade sacred.

Given it is also ‘mostly’ used by other druids, I would hope that some kind of unspoken agreement is that it is a place of no violence. But as Beckett said … it is an RP PVP server. Some peeps will respect the RP/lore portion of that, some will only respect the PvP portion.

Also, being killed by Beckett is a beautiful and special experience. I never felt closer to someone than when his blades were inside me. For the whole 2 seconds til he killed me … <3 :stuck_out_tongue:


D’awwwww <3


I am a total dick head, and suck at pvp. But! If I do kill you, I will camp you… For like, as long as I can.

Even I consider moonglade sacred.


You are not fooling anyone Zirp… everyone knows you are the Baba Yaga.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone fighting in moonglade. Most people stay away from that place though, too many stinky bears