Months of unresolved bots and bugs, what are you dev's paid to do exactly?

The rampant botting speaks for itself. The sheer inability for Blizzard to police something like fly hacking and floor clipping out of the game speaks for itself. On top of that, we still have issues like the Rajaxx wave respawn bug; I mean, it’s only been 2 months of a well documented bug that ruins a run with no clear and 100% repeatable cause.

What are you devs paid to do? What have you done to resolve anything that’s been a problem in Classic? Which of your changes to the game actually improved it and accomplished the desired result? Was it the instance cap change? Last time I checked, you still had to go back and make additional changes to DME despite the daily cap.

It’s bad enough that we have to play fake vanilla on a frankenstein client stitched form the god awful legion engine. The least you owe to the persisting Classic community is to maintain it properly.

I’ve had to watch Blizzard spend the last 15 years going from a leading name in the industry to being a dumpster fire of a company with low expectations from their customers. When will you finally take off the clown make up and put any amount of integrity behind your products.


They think we’re subscribed because we want to play retail.

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Man seriously, stop blaming the developers, do you think they can do anything about anything without the involvement of upper management?


The devs on Classic are there to make sure it reads the old data correctly and that’s about it. Once in a while they’ll nail down a bug or two but don’t expect them to do much.

Blizzard’s devs are actively developing Shadowlands.

They’re using the BfA client and server, they upgraded sometime before Classic released.

edit: Here’s some info:

As uncovered by a Wowhead user, the new beta entry updates the client database from 7.3.5 to 8.01.

no joke here. the private servers were managed better. thats right a small team of inexperienced old nerds ran better servers then a multi billion dollar company. it seems the make or break difference is one group cared only for the game and the other cared only for profits.

when they come within a hairs breath of having to file for bankruptcy. nothing motivates a company to get its act together faster then the threat of financial ruin.

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They don’t “think” anything. They have all the data to tell them how many play classic only, retail only, and both. They know how many playing classic only were playing retail before classic and how many are new subscriptions. They have all the data to answer every question we ask in these forums and they’re making decisions based on that data.

Agree 100%.

Blizzard silence on this is disgusting.

It’s all $14.99 blizzard is gonna let the cash roll in it’s a no brainer guys.

If I was blizzard I wouldn’t ban bots either it’s not like people are gonna stop subbing.

Blizzard does not cause botting, and Blizzard cannot end botting.

Botting is caused by one thing: cheating players. You can’t constantly SELL gamegold unless there are a huge number of players who BUY gamegold.

Every player who BUYS gamegold for dollars is cheating, just as much as websites that SELL gamegold for dollars, or bots that farm items to sell in the AH to get that gamegold.

How can Blizzard handle thousands of its own players cheating?

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If you are expecting perfection, you won’t find it here. You won’t find it in any MMO.

You aren’t helping. Blaming and attacking hard-working people because they aren’t super-human perfect demigods doesn’t help.

No software product has ever been perfect, in the history of Earth. MMOs are worse than other products, but this applies to MMOs too.

Your expectations are simply unrealistic.

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they dont charge for classic separately, sir.

What devs?

Having data and drawing conclusions isn’t the same as knowing what players actually want.

If they are neglecting classic, or at least not interested in addressing modern issues such as botting, it could very well be that they are looking at data and seeing that, say, subs that started playing classic exclusively are starting to play retail more than classic. They might draw the conclusion that players are preferring retail, when in fact they are shunning classic due to botting and / or bugs that have been neglected.

Blizzard employees getting paid, great joke

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