Monkey's Paw: Raiding now a Mandatory Chore for M+

thats disgusting >:(


but if you equip three Shards of Domination of the same type, you’ll get a Set bonus that will only work in the Maw (which includes Torghast and the Sanctum of Domination raid)

So unless I missed something, not sure how you need mythic raids to do mythic plus. Not like anyone cares about mythic + once they get KSM for the season unless they’re pushing score for some pointless flex

These developers are a bunch of :clown_face:s.


It’s more like raiders got hit by a draw 4 by Blizzard, and then when turn order was reversed, Blizzard also hit M+ers with a draw 4. Raiders still have 4 extra cards in their hand.

People who raid and M+ will still have superior gear progression compared to people who just raid, making M+ a mandatory chore for raiders to stay competitive. All this does is now make raiding a mandatory chore for M+ers as well, more-so than it already could be (there are already strong trinkets for M+ from raids - cheat death tank trinket still comes exclusively from raid).

No it won’t

Stop acting like the sky is falling.


Shards of Domination – Select gear that is dropped in Sanctum of Domination can be enhanced by Shards of Domination, which can be found from defeating bosses in Sanctum of Domination. The system is still in development and will be updated in a forthcoming build of the 9.1 PTR.

  • There are 9 Shards of Domination that exist and can be upgraded to Rank 5 with Stygian Embers, a new currency earned by defeating Sanctum of Domination bosses.

stop acting like a system that’s just being developed is the end of the world

Chains of Domination PTR Notes – May 18 Updates - source

Yeah, the most blatantly OP traits don’t work in M+, but shards of domination are still “free” in terms of stat budget and provide pretty noticeable increases to performance. Someone with socketed DPS gear from the Mythic raid and a comparable ilvl will outDPS someone with only M+ gear, because the “252” Vault gear will be weaker than the 252 Raid gear.

Someone with 3 SOD sockets could be doing somewhere around 6-7% more DPS than someone else with the exact same ilvl with just 3 extra items from the Mythic raid. 6-7% DPS is not insignificant.

And that’s why you give them feedback when you can. So they can change course.


wrong area for feedback

blizzard doesn’t read GD

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He’s not talking about the set bonuses here (which as you said, only work in the Maw, Torghast and the new raid). He’s talking about the base abilities of the shards, which work EVERYWHERE, including M+ dungeons. He’s concerned that the shard system will make Raid gear the BEST choice for those pushing M+.


That’s the same as being 6 item levels higher. :upside_down_face:

This change is dumb if there’s no equivalent in m+. At this stage, might as well put “pvp power”, “raid power”, and “5 man power” as stats on all the gear.

Their painfully obvious, cringey attempts to prop raid up are just the last dying throws of a passing generation. If raiding can’t stand on its own, just let it die.


They need to remove the “can be used anywhere” part from the gems. This is beyond idiotic, especially where PvP is concerned.


Doesn’t matter, the gems aren’t gonna make or break mythic + or make raiding mandatory.

the stat buff from said sockets will be nice but won’t stop people from doing mythic + unless some dork decides to make his group based around said sockets (which won’t shock me)

It’s not like you can’t do mythic + without stat bonus from those sockets nor will you be horribly gimped.

but GD brings awareness to more people since it’s the only active forum

I don’t think it’ll matter so much in pvp, because pvp item levels will be so much higher.

Nowhere in that post says is mythic exclusive, so you will be able to get them from normal or heroic raid.

then he should be going like ‘please go give your feedback’ and providing a link to said section instead of trying to spread disorder when there’s already enough chaos on GD.

That’s the operative word. M+ has a vibrant endgame community that doesn’t raid at all. This is just a hamfisted shove back towards the content Ion enjoys.


Raids are going to be the beat way to gear up anyway in 9.1, at least for the first couple of months. The valor cap is going to limit how much you can upgrade in m+ and you have to wait for the vault to make a difference.

Anyone serious about pushing keys to even a +15 level was going to full clear heroic raids in 9.1

Since M+ became a thing, raiding has always been a “mandatory chore” if you’re pushing the upper end. Just like M+ is a “mandatory chore” for both raiding and PvP.

That’s just what happens when one of the pillars offers specific effects that cannot be gotten anywhere else.

Nathria loot was pretty terrible as a whole, but that didn’t stop it offering certain items (most notably 233 weapons and some trinkets) that are extremely desirable for high end M+ prog.


That’s kinda the point of the complaint. Valor is basically worthless anyway, since the gear is capped. By the time you can upgrade anything meaningfully, the season will be mostly over.

Anyone serious about m+ will have to raid. Which is stupid.

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