Monk Tank LF Cutting Edge


Hello, I am a 381 Monk Tank Lf a Cutting Edge capable Guild for next tier. Currently 6/8m with ghuun to 1%, I didn’t bother to finish uldir because my last guiild was a little bit troll and burnt me out.

What I can offer you:

  • 100% Attendance

  • Dedicated

  • Rarely screw up mechanics

  • Willing to reroll

  • Always looking to improve

I can only raid Tues, Wed & Thur anytime Horde only, please

Monk: Whamtown-Illidan
DH(my Mythic logs): Whamdh-Zul’jin
Feel free to look me up

Bnet: Whammer#1941
Discord: Whammer41#4591

(Siearapewpew) #2

Happy New Year! :slight_smile: Hopefully the recruiting discord can help you find a home!

Recruitment Discord:

My CE guilds:

Even if we aren’t recruiting your specific class, feel free to apply anyways.