Monk, Shaman, and Warrior Changes – March 1

Nerf more healer dps in keys :slight_smile: It should be 1/10th the dps and right now it’s like 1/3 or even 1/2.

I don’t want to be fine, I want to have fun

If the only thing keeping you from having fun is the damage from Vesper make play a different Class?

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I can’t, i’ve addressed that too in my other threads about account wide reputation and other things

thank you for waiting until quite literally the day the raid opens to do this when people have been giving you feedback for literal months.

come on guys, whats that about?

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Well, you would actually have to read the feedback to know about it.

We have nerfed Shaman for the 10,000th time because we don’t like them.” - Crendor, 2010

You and I both know what it’s about, sister.

Hello everyone :smiley_cat:

As someone that doesn’t play a Shaman, I want to thank you for the nerfs.

Oh lol yeah this won’t even be missed by anyone who didn’t do ptr testing then.

As one of the maybe 7 prot warriors left still stubbornly playing the spec, thanks for this.

Seriously what is wrong with you guys. give shamans something good and stop nurfing them. this is uncalled for. fix it!

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dude they do too much dps. they’ve been meta for m+ this entire expansion. they’re an entire tier ahead of the other healers rn. they’re still going to be meta, especially when double leggos come out.

Yet, you’re neglecting feral after nerfing it.

Cool. I might actually be able to DPS my way out of a wet paper bag now.