Monk/Rogue LF Guild

  1. Times available & time zone: Anytime except for Wednesday and Thursday. I am in the Central TZ.

  2. Server preference: Does not matter but would prefer to wait until I get a definite raid spot before transferring.

  3. Faction preference: Does not matter the faction

  4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Just looking for a 2-3 night a week raid but ahead of the curve is always the goal.

  5. Current progression/experience: I have raided every xpac except this one so far. Typically play a rogue and she is being leveled now. I have raid lead through mythic raids and mythic HFC was the hardest I have raid lead through. (Lead through M Gorefiend. Only 5% of guilds killed him on mythic)

  6. Contact info: Air#11988 on Bnet. Air#3072 on Discord.

  7. Anything else: I would need help getting geared but after that, I will be ready to raid and go. I hope to talk to you soon!

Sent you a friend request in game :smiley:

-Stands in bad- is Recruiting for Heroic/Mythic progression For the new Raid Tier 8.1 (Battle of Dazar’alor)!

We raid Sat & Sun nights from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. PST


Guild Spam ~ [H] <Stands In Bad> Recruiting for BoD H/M

I’m still looking around for a new home.

Hello, we are in strong need of a rogue.

Short version: 2 day Mythic Guild LFM Raiders

GM/Raid Lead: Xantoniel#1517

<Sixty Seconds to Wipe> of US-Greymane is a active progression guild Normal and Heroic. Guild was formed in 2006. We are actively seeking players who are willing to push content. We progress through Heroic after we clear Normal. We are 8/8 Heroic Uldir. Currently Progressing through Normal BoD and then through Heroic.

What we expect from you:

-attendance (even though we are casual raiding guild we can’t advance if the team is always inconsistent), outside of extenuating circumstances, we would appreciate a heads up if you are not able to make it.

-willingness to learning mechanics, the raid leader does a lot of prep, it would appreciated if you have some knowledge of the fights prior to the fight.

-Preparation, please supply your own pots and flasks. The guild members are friendly and will help out.

-ilvl at an appropriate level, we are not here to just help you gear to leave.

-positive and determined attitude (we don’t like to waste time, arguing does that, we want solutions to problems not add to it). We are always open to suggestions but know it is always the Raid Leaders final decision.

We raid:

Wednesday, 8:00 PM – 10:30 - 11 PM, Server

Sunday, 7:00 PM – 10:30 - 1130 PM, Server

recruiting needs:

Currently accepting all (higher priority on tanks and dps)

We welcome anyone interested in joining us. Contact Korsarrokahn - Greymane (Dravek#1410) if interested. or via discord @Dravek63#6357

Crestfallen is a brand new guild on Tich looking to build up our roster with like-minded players that have the same goal to participate in all the difficult PvE content the game has to offer on a light 2 day schedule, this will include both heroic/mythic raiding and high mythic plus keys.

Raid Times: Friday/Saturday 9pm-12am EST.

If you are interested or have any questions you can contact us on Bnet Grace#1550 or Discord Grace#9631.