Monk Order Hall Question

Hello and thank you for your time.

I feel a bit frustrated and a bit stupid at this point.

I’m in my Monk Order hall and I’d like to read more about the artifact weapons. I know in all my other order halls there was a place to read like 10 pages worth for each weapon but I cannot find it in the Monk one.

Can someone tell me (perhaps even post some pictures) where to find it?

Again, thank you.

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Hmm. Strange. I know where that thing in the picture is but I cannot interact with it.

Then you havent completed the Legion questchain. It can only be accessed after you complete the Legion Order Hall Campaign.


Ah I see.

I thought it was available the whole way through.

Thank you.


I made the same mistake when I was leveling my priest. I started panicking that Blizz had removed the artifact lore or something, until I found out it was because I hadn’t finished the campaign yet.

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