Monk healers

I just ran a BG with my lvl 26 monk and there was another monk on my team as a healer as well. Long story short, i was active and followed groups and used all four of my healing spells. At the end of the match i had 30k healing and the other monk had 89k.

Wondering what could explain this massive discrepancy?

gear? skill points ? gems ? buffs? level?

I bet you he would scream every time he hit a button on his keyboard while you were probably just silently and politely tapping

Everyone knows the harder you push buttons the more it heals


no wonder why im usually in the top few can confirm it works

Probably meter padding.

Ive seen Dragons do a heap of baby heals, top charts, and start blaming other healers for deaths when they’re the actual problem for not pumping out enough heals to deal with burst damage.