Monk and caster nerfs incoming


they better do more tuning for season 2 and actually continue to do tuning throughout the season instead of leaving us with an unbalanced, stale, mess for weeks.


I wish they would give ele more consistent damage (increase LB proc chance and damage) and get rid of their gimmicky burst. Nerfing the burst over and over again is going to make them completely unviable once again.


Also, MW will still be the top tier healer by a wide margin.


Omg I can finally push glad now that MW won’t be free god mode… praise the lord baby Jesus. I thought I was boned for waiting until end of season to play again hahah

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MW will still be god mode. Every honor talent MW has is completely broken and they won’t even need to take surging. 55 sec bubble BtW haHA

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I don’t think you realize how much of their ability to recover comes from surging mists and the healing output from crane to top to the team. Both of those changes are HUGE to both healing output and mana conservation. Now they will actually OOM pretty quickly if they spam surging mists, and crane be noticeably less effective.


MW doesn’t have to play crane or surging to be god mode

Death of ele slowly evolving. One trick burst pony slowly turning back into mage/boomy lite.

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Icefury offers more sustained damage and is actually what I’ve preferred. It will probably be the go to talent now since deleting someone in a burst will be harder. It’s still going to be possible with the correct partner.


We will be forced to dampen with icefury most likely, yes

Folks are gonna come in here and say ele nerfs are well deserved when like the spec is no threat at all outside of stormkeeper.

Lava burst crits for 8k lol

Top damage for ele sham is flame shock and its our only dot and xrits for a whopping 5k with trinkets up otherwise its 1.3k ticks lmao


inb4 2 weeks of threads crying about holy paladins following mw nerfs


also I hope you all like melee cleaves :slight_smile:

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Chain heal needs a output nerf, divine fav needs a 5 sec nerf, dk survivability needs a nerf


To be fair even with another healer taking their place I don’t think it’ll be as obnoxious as MW was for various reasons.

MW issue wasn’t that it was the best healer, it was that it was the best by far and also there were so little ways to punish it.

I know an hpal wizard cleave can still dampen me, but at least I know there are Hpal weaknesses I can play around. Giving Hpals only 1 sac also I feel prepares for this situation anyways.

I think the best way to explain what MW was like this patch was basically 8.0 TR rsham, damage was super low and riptide was extremely strong so you pretty much never felt like you had a clear win condition because any weakness they could have had wasn’t exploitable.

Hpal is in a very good spot right now as well but at least you can swap to one and, mostly, stay on them if the position bad before a sac I guess.

They also do not go oom ever though so I guess we’ll see how it plays out.

How do you feel about the MW changes, Dilly? In your opinion, does this bring them in line? I think it seems like healthy changes.

It would have been nice to see everything else put in line with MW tbh, I think with these nerfs the meta will be even more dampeny just with more melee cleaves.

Im still curious to see what happens when we start getting our new azerite gear with extra traits

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This really makes MW free casting a lot less punishing, but do MW even take Surging Mist vs caster cleaves? I would assume counteract magic + Cocoon CD + healing spheres? I don’t play a monk but idk.

I thought the issue was having cocoon up every , single, kill attempt.

Overall, glad they adjusted something.

You always take Surging mist, every game against every comp.

It’s insanely mana efficient and the heals are massive.