Molotov [Aman’Thul] 2-day AOTC LFM for 10.2 9/9H

Molotov is looking for new guild members for 10.2 and beyond.

We are a Heroic only guild that has existed since Vanilla, with a dedicated core of officers and raiders from that time, as well as some newer faces we’ve collected along the way.

We are looking for a handful of bodies for 10.2, to round out the team. Details can be found below.

A final note - we are Alliance, but as guilds are going cross-faction in 10.1, members of either faction are welcome to apply.

Relevant details

Over the holiday period, raids are option for the week of the 20th/21st, 27th/28th, and 3rd/4th.

Raid times: 8 – 11pm Server time Wednesday & Thursday (AEST). Does not change with DST.

Current Progression - 9/9Normal, 9/9 Heroic as of close of week 4.

Roles Open for 10.2:

Below is ideal, but we are happy to consider any applicant who is the right fit.


Enhance shaman




Exceptional applicants only.

Contact Details:

Contact me (Disapproving) on Battletag Disapproving#1792 or Discord ‘disapproving’, or Rath on Battletag Rath#6607 or Discord ‘rath 6148’

You can also find us online, just /who Molotov on Aman’thul

What You Can Expect

Clear AOTC every tier

Relaxed raid & guild environment

Older officer core, 15+ yrs in the game (literally)

Mythic Plus active, some pushers, plenty casual. You will find people to get your portals with if that is your aim.

Not much PvP but there’s the occasional pickup

What We Expect

Come to raid prepared – watch a quick guide video, get your gear enchanted, have consumables. Specifics e.g. minimum ilvl, specific consumables, etc are announced before each tier and throughout as needed.

Treat the raid team as you’d want to be treated – respect your teammates’ time, and you can expect the same in return.

While we only push for AOTC (i.e. no Mythic raiding), everyone is happiest when the team is performing well. This means that individual performance is an important factor. No one wants to carry, nor does it feel good to be carried. We have experienced players who can assist you if you want, all we ask in return is that you bring a competitive mentality to your play.

Look forward to speaking with you.


Alliance or Horde, we’re looking for Evokers, Warlocks, and Shaman although we’ll consider any quality applicants.



Warlocks, counterintuitively, we will summon you.

Mature, generous, financially stable guild seeks Warlock for cookie dispensing and raining fire down on our enemies. Call me.

Bump + arbitrary number of characters to meet the post minimum.

Come join us, we have punch and pie

Still hoping for a warlock to join us for Amirdrassil

Still looking for a Preservation Evoker and a Warlock to join the raid team for Amirdrassil.