Mods, PLEASE put the word MODERN in front of General Discussion

Mods, i am begging you, please put the word “Modern” in front of this section of the forums. It seems these classic folks just do not get that they have their own section labeled “Classic General Discussion”. I am so sick of seeing these classic posts clogging up this forum.

We do not, and really are not allowed to go to Classic General Discussion and post ANYTHING retail/Modern WoW, so please, for the sake of our sanity, and to help keep our forum about the game we choose to play, could you please consider this?

So much thanks if you could see your way to do this for us all.


Classic forum that way ------------>

Edit: to mention I’m being ironic. I don’t care where things are posted. It isn’t as if people are saying “rogue forum that way,” when someone complains about a nerf in general, or sending people over to the PvP forums when balance is brought up.


“word :Retail” sounds like a Priest spell.


Lol, as if that would stop them.


Won’t stop anything, hope you’re aware of that


Reading is hard.

Agreed with the OP, especially since so many of the Classic folks claim ignorance(though some are just obtuse about it) saying “but but but, it doesnt say “retail” discussion, its just discussion”. Even though everyone knows this is for retail, otherwise if it was a catch all “Classic General Discussion” wouldn’t exist.

I agree it wouldn’t stop them, but at least then they’d have no grounds for saying the above mentioned.


It banishes you from Classic to Retail. New level 61 priest spell.


I don’t really understand why a forum post bothers so many of you, this is a video game forum… let that sink in for a while. Out of all the irl things you could direct energy towards and you guys are choosing to devote so much energy to a… video game forum.


Some say General discussion is for all things World of Warcraft including classic. Until the mods start banning people for it. it’s going to continue


People are going to post where they want. It is what it is.

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They have their own section, please let that sink in awhile.

We should not have to wade through all these Classic posts, where most of them are TROLL posts. They got their version of the game off the backs of our sub, they should be happy, and stay in their section, i for one do not even want to hear the word “Classic” anymore.

Even Wowhead started the “Today in Naz” daily postings again because of the sever backlash, and because they have nothing but classic crud clogging up EVERYTHING. Yes its a newish game, but even they figured out that there are still retail players, and reversed course with their decision to stop posting the article every day.

So there are two camps, and one gets two places to post their junk, while we have to wade through their nonsense, and they do not have to in their section?

Does not sound to fair to me.


People don’t read, i thought we knew this!

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Nothing in life is fair, ever. The real world doesn’t offer “fair” unless you’re in prison.

I wouldn’t know anything about it, I stopped visiting that place when I had to install ublock and adblock, along with running numerous virus scans on my computer.

Then report them and move on with your life.

So does half the other spam in GD, tbh, it should be posted in off-topic and lore.


I imagine they will start doing that soon enough. Thus far, they’ve just been moving the majority of posts regarding Classic to the Classic General Discussion. I’d imagine they’d figure people would learn after their topics keep getting moved(or deleted if outright troll). I’m sure the last thing they want to do is ban people, but I can honestly see that becoming a reality if the 394 Classic spam threads continue in this section each day.

The same goes for retail players posting crap in the Classic section.

Though, using your brain, it’s really not a hard concept to grasp that General Discussion is for retail, otherwise Classic General Discussion wouldn’t have been created. And on that note, if Classic players insist on posting their stuff here, then the Classic section can and should just be deleted altogether since it’s not being utilized.


I’m sorry, what was that?

Are you trying to say Classic players haven’t been paying subs? Or don’t even now or something? What does this mean?


As a person paying for both versions of the game, along with everyone else paying a sub at all…

Isn’t that person’s logic kind of like saying BFA was paid for off the back of Legion subs? Like… yeah? Isn’t that called game development? That’s not free. Lmao. Thank you, HMP.

It’s not something that should be taken lightly, IMO. I’ve seen similar hard divisions in forums like that really screw things up, turning each “side” into hyperpolarized echo chambers, further stoking the fires of conflict between them all.

It’ll probably chill out on its own in another couple weeks if left alone.

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Almost like when a company encourages faction hate between its playerbase?


The vast majority of the posts mentioning Classic in this forum are comparisons between Classic and Retail. Since those posts talk about both, they belong here, in the unlimited General Discussion forum.


what are you gonna do about it?