Modern WoW Lore, Star Wars: TLJ, & KOTOR 2 - A Hot Take

Furthermore Cut Content revealed that she was intended to be a Malachor spawned Echo of Atris(she even claims she has always been here) created when she visited Malachor disguised as an Old Woman claiming to be Revan’s mentor(of course since Atris is a Jedi Historian she technically would be telling the truth).

Kreia is a bitter old Force Construct who wants oblivion. Even the Sith Lord she is an Echo of cares little for her teachings of destroying the Force and just wants her old apprentice Nihilus lured out(by the Exile whose return was arranged by Darth Traya/Atris) and killed dead.

I know I am a week late to this, but Kreia is the best written Star Wars character in the entire franchise. No one can tell me otherwise.


You can’t say this.

Star Wars fans just don’t like female characters.

Honestly, I feel across all fandoms, particularly old women are typically not well received by any fan base. Unfortunately, it comes down to sex appeal. You can see it in the RP community, everyone is RPing characters somewhere between 20 and 30. If they are RPing older characters, usually they are remarkably fit for their age, and even then, it is almost ALWAYS an older man.

It’s an unconscious sexism. Old women are not well received as interesting characters because of the lack of sex appeal. At least that is what it seems like to me.

But that is just another reason I love Kreia so much. She is not sexualized. She has a very low-profile design. And she is one of the coolest and most interesting characters in Star Wars.

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I was more referencing the fact that Rei is a generally disliked character, and the creators of the recent Star Wars films as well as the few fans of them, says it is because Star Wars fans just hate women and female characters.

Despite Ahsoka, Kreia, Bastila Shan, and probably other Star Wars character (I am not THAT big a Star Wars nerd when it comes to the EU) are universally loved.

They deflect their own crappy writing, and can’t admit that they just write terrible characters and can’t accept that people just don’t like poorly written characters.


Jesus Christ TLJ came out nearly 4 years ago, get over it and watch something else

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Still a crap movie and unacceptably arrogant creators.

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Rey could have been a great character. Making her a legit Jedi Sentinel, we would of had a trilogy for all 3 of the Jedi classes. Obi-Wan/Anakin = Guardian. Luke = Consular. Rey = Sentinel.

Instead they didn’t properly plan out their trilogy, and focused more on woke BS instead of writing good characters. They really adopted the Blizzard approach to writing. In TFA, they just threw a bunch of darts at the wall to see what would stick. They saw the theory crafting then came in with TLJ, which was focused on subverting expectation rather than good story telling. Then TROS was just a rushed “Let’s get it over with” movie.

The whole thing should have been more about Thrawn and his Ysalamri supression of Force powers, forcing Rey to rely on her non-force skills along the path of the Jedi Sentinel.

But more important than that, the main character should have been Ben Solo and his conflict with the force.


Yeah, and they’ve hired a new writer. I hope she’s just adding stuff and not changing what was already there.

Yeah, this is my fear as well.
There should be no reason to change it at all, I do not think there is anything in the game that could be considered offensive in the sense that the radicals use it.

Would be cool to add some stuff though, I hear the original developers intended for the game to have some more content than what was in, perhaps add that in. Change up the combat system a little, connect some of the planets to make it whole, etc.

One can dream.

Can you really defend an organisation that recruits by stealing the childhood of their Padawans? They’re inducted into the Order without choice, really. The fact that so many Jedi Masters go Sith indicates that there are some real fundamental flaws. The Jedi are really the only reason the Sith persist.

One might make a lot of paralells between the Jedi and the Kyrian.


I don’t think Kreia is a Jedi-basher… She is a Force-basher.

“I hate the force. I hate that it seems to have a will, that it would use us as tools to achieve some semblance of balance.”

And she isn’t wrong. Every conflict in Star Wars has been primarily in the pursuit of balance in the Force, only for it to become unbalanced soon after. Kreia sees both Jedi, Sith and anyone dependent on the Force as weaklings, masquerading as being somehow above those not sensitive in the Force. Finding an arrogance in that because it is Strength given to them by some outside thing, not because they themselves are more capable in anyway.

“The true measure of strength is to turn away from strength that is not your own.”

And there is a profound truth to that.

Edit: In some ways, that is why I think the Kaldorei rejection of the Arcane is totally reasonable, and even the right thing to do. It cultivated the ego. Mage, especially of Azshara’s era, used the Arcane as a status symbol. Being powerful in magic meant that you were better than others. We see this in Gul’dan when he slaughtered his Village with his new power. We see this with illidan, so self important that he thinks he is justified slaughtering his friends for power. We see this with magic addiction of the elves, we see this in Elisand, to a lesser degree we see this in Khadgar, Antonitas, Kalecgos… Despite power not being a deciding factor to serve on the council of six, the most powerful still typically find their way there or at least in some position of authority over others.

Why? What does a study of the Arcane have anything to do with being a capable leader?

Take away the Arcane from a powerful mage and what do you have? Probably a weakling who would be cutdown by trash mobs. Someone so used to conjuring their own food, they have no idea how else to feed themselves. So used to teleportation, the confines and labor of travel is exhausting for them. Honestly, take the Arcane from a mage and you end up with someone rather pathetic… Yet, these adult infants are influencers of global events because they can shoot lightning out of their hands.

It honestly doesn’t bother me.

I don’t know about right, but I wouldn’t call it wrong. It was certainly understandable, given their history. I was really sad when the game decided to undo that. I felt like the Night Elves lost a bit of what made them unique.

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Interestingly enough the Force isn’t the only Cosmic Power in the Universe both Legends and Canon.

In Galaxy of Terror(a Legends Novel) there was a machine that could extract Life Essence which was treated as separate from the Force.

In The Fallen Order(a Canon Game) Life Essence is separate from Force Essence with both giving their own Upgrades(Life increases Maximum Health while Force increases Force Abilities).

Logistically with proper experiments one could master the Cosmic Power of Life over the Cosmic Power of the Living and Cosmic Force(which is just a byproduct of the Cosmic Power of Life).

Extracting Life just knocks leaves one in lifeless stasis while extracting Living Force(a byproduct of Life as said before) reduces one to Ash by the way…

Personally I was ok with that whole thing. If anything, I found it reminiscent of the Protoss having to embrace dark templars.

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At what point does the “removal of manipulators” begin to turn into absurdity? When was only the brain left (headless)? When are the starting bonuses not depending on you removed (health care, mentally healthy environment, wealth of “parents”)? When are beneficial negative effects removed (intellect-stimulating disability or intact body parts*)?

*a disability that stimulates intelligence and whole body parts.