Mobs running away in fear bugged?

Hey there, just wanted to bring this up, because I realized, since 1 or 2 updates ago, most all mobs run away in fear at a significantly higher speed. So fast that I catch even catch up to them. Doesn’t seem right. Also, some mobs are running away in fear that weren’t previously, like certain animal mobs, for example the darkshore moonstalker cats and so forth. Just wondering why blizzard changed this. Was this an actual thing in vanilla that they needed to correct? I’m confused.

From WoW Classic “Not A Bug” List - Updated 12/13/2019

Ok, interesting. Just stating this because 1 or 2 updates previous they weren’t running as fast so they must have fixed this to reflect actual vanilla mob behaviour.

If I am not mistaken, he’s referring to when, at the end of a fight with a mob, you get the message “______ tries to run away in fear!” rather than having been feared by a spell. The speed with which this happens can usually be pretty slow because heavily damaged mobs move slower.

That said, I haven’t noticed the speed change that the OP mentioned. However,

The moonstalker runts near to Auberdine always ran, but the higher-level ones didn’t.

Deleted my response because I didn’t comprehend properly. With that said, I haven’t really noticed any difference in the “runs away in fear” mobs.

Those little rat humanoids near northeast cave in Arathi Highlands flee at mount speeds when they get down to about 1/5 health. It’s crazy.

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Yes, exactly that’s what I’m concerned about

thats when i get ready to root N nuke
cant chase them

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