Mobs on Najatar are jacked


Seriously I pray that you guys at Blizzard are reading these bug reports because this zone has some pretty bad issues. Crash issues that I have been reporting in certain areas and mobs that are straight up immune. I have stopped counting at this point the amount of mobs that are stuck/immune to any attacks.

Respawn timers are on hyper, world bosses heavily overturned and daily quest not saving that reset from one day to the next.

Also for the Leyline quest noone bothered to add a way to leave the quest if you get aggravated so you literally have to exit the game to get out of the quest.


Can’t help with much else, but with the Leyline/Bejeweled quests, you receive a buff (Arcane Puzzle or something like that), clicking the debuff off exits the puzzle screen.

Not very intuitive I agree, but there is a way.


Very odd as their other quest like Shell Game or Beachhead have a little exit door in the bottom left. Never even realized what you typed.