Mobility/CC changes

They need to revert Every. Single. CC nerf they did because this is ridiculous. The fact that i can’t kill anyone in a trap fear combo without a dude pressing 0 buttons is insane, also why is every game just a mana war.

Why do warriors have 2 stuns 2 charges a leap and multiple cd rotating blade storm all at once its actually insane, they are made to be kited yet you can’t kite them at all. Then you add a ret or hpal and they just become crazy.

I play 2 classes that need to kite and the fact i can’t kite the dumbest melee is infuriating, why should a warrior be allowed to charge off his mount and still have almost 100% uptime on me as a hunter, why should a monk flying dragon off his mount 100 yards away be allowed to stay on me.

The only way to stop this is just having amazing cc placement but guess what cc lasts the time it takes me to pop my cds and use 1 ability so the healer just comes and presses 1 thing to top his team.

Should of never pruned CC or when they did should of just pruned all mobility.


This could be changed by many things besides cc duration though

It’s ‘should have’

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Trap fear combo literally lasts .1 second longer than before the cc nerf so if you’re going to complain get your facts straight.

Healers are too strong and they have too many instant casts.

Once upon a time they had to hard cast to keep people up. Instants were rare and valuable. Now they are part of the rotation.

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100% agreed.

You’re going to see more precog type wizard help added to the game. Just watch.

It’s time to start subtracting.