Mobile Auction House App - Bring It Back?

Hello everyone!,

As I’m sure many of you folks are aware, Back in the day there was an App for our mobile phones for selling stuff on the Auction House. This App was widely known as the Mobile Auction House.

I’m not sure as to exactly why this App was retired from use, But I’ve seen numerous threads including This One, I commented in tonight asking for it to be returned.

I personally enjoyed using it for checking and selling my Auctions while I’ve been away from home. I would personally use it for those times when I was on my break at work and when travelling!

I’m also sure MANY players would be joyed to see this App make a comeback. I’m sure I would be!


Yup it should return, it was a very useful app for when you are out and about and wanted to check your auctions or remembered there was something you wanted to buy.

As there is no mission table in Dragonflight (unless it’s hiding … somewhere … lol) the WoW app will be somewhat useless other than doing missions for old content and maybe checking World Quests that are up. So, the AH should be added into the current WoW app so that it gives us a reason to continue using it


I am sure there where things going on with the app that were problematic, some kind of abuse. But not sure what it was in the end… I am also sure they allready announced they dont wanna bring it back.

I remember I bought something that was obviously posted for the wrong price and got messages in some other language besides English for days after so im sure thats part of it

They claim it was because no one used it and it wasn’t worth the dev time for that, but I know tons of people who used it, and if that’s just me, I assume there’s way more than they try to make us think.

I personally feel removing it was a bad attempt at forcing players to buy the Brutosaur AH mount.

It wasn’t a very good gold sink if you didn’t need it cause you could just logout, buy what you need on the AH, and voila.

But that’s punishing the majority of the players for the minority, which is ick.


No one was was forced to buy the Brutosaur mount by the removal of the mobile AH. :roll_eyes: Let’s try and lay off the conspiracy theories.

I assume the removal was a multiple of technical and redundancy issues since they were updating the Legion app into the BFA app, and of course bots abusing the mobile AH. Would it be nice to have back? Sure, but with TSM being infinitely more useful in gold making, as well as many working form home, I’d rather they spend resources in other areas.


Agree. It would also be awesome for accessibility for blind and VI players.
Blizzard have made the app completely accessible and I’m sure they could do the same with a AH app.

Hi, everyone!

During the WoW Q&A portion of BlizzConline last year, a player asked the WoW Development Team about plans to bring the Auction House to the WoW Companion App. John Hight talked a bit about some of the history of the Armory App that previously hosted the Remote Auction House feature, why it was discontinued, and expressed a desire to bring the Auction House back to mobile in some form that serves our goals and players’ needs as much as we can, without devolving into a platform for automation and other forms of abuse.

I come bearing good news! My team has been working for quite a while on an updated version of the mobile Auction House that we think will satisfy those goals, while hopefully addressing the avenues for abuse, considering both the ways that players interact with the Auction House, as well as avenues in technical frameworks. We’re posting an article soon with more information. This version of the mobile Auction House will be available not Soon-ish™, not Soon™, but Very Soon™ – with the release of the 9.2.7 update! We hope you give the article a read, discuss, and try it out!


Thanks for the update! Let the money making begin!

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Except no. This is a bait.

You are not able to post your auctions, only buy.

@Jayem. Can you tell us why you, and your team, decided to not allow us to post auctions like we used to?

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Very happy news! Glad to hear that it is returning for everyone to use in the future!

I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for this article once it’s posted. Looking forward to trying out the new and improved Mobile Auction House as well once it becomes available!

Thanks very much for the response to this topic! :smiley:

Edit: Noticed a thread is up about it! If any of you folks wish to read it, Click Here!

That’s awesome. I do have a question from a accessibility stance. Will we be able to conduct most AH actions on the app and will the app have screen reader support? There is a number of people cut off from the AH due to accessibility needs and as such are unable to make gold anywhere near enough to purchase tokens. The ability to purchase game time with gold or purchase balance to buy the expansion is cut off to us.