Mobile App???

(Veganbeef) #21

? It would be way too good if this app came out


I don’t know why people want a Pokemon Go clone. The game play is stale and entirely made to increase the sell of the extra items.

I personally would rather something that allows me to PvP pet battle queue from my phone. This functionality would include setting my team from my WoW account roster.

After that a little elite four or tournament mode where my Pandaren turns into 16bit form and goes up against a host of difficult masters. Now that I think about it they could also make an engineering schematic for a mode like this to be playable on the computer via a toy kinda like the bejeweled toy.

(Sorelai) #23

Couldn’t a single mobile game do both?


It could, yes, but as a consumer and gamer I’m against the Pokemon go format I believe it would be a waste of potential


Main question here is why Activision/Blizzard would bother doing a mobile app. It’s got to cost a s**tload of dev time, and their time isn’t cheap. Also the devs working desperately to fix all the other stuff that’s broken. So what’s the benefit for Blizzard? Guys doing PvP battles on the bus, or at work while boss isn’t looking, already send in their 15 bucks a month, and not many players gonna bail just cause they can’t go mobile.

You don’t just cheerfully integrate a new app, well two new apps, iOS and Android, into a game totally designed around having your PC storing gigabytes of info to supply environments and character data and pet models to avoid having to (slowly) supply that detail over internet. And the testing, omg the testing, to make sure it’s not going to mess up anything else. Also means paying testers. Which, of course, it will mess things up soon as it goes live, so need to add more customer service lines to handle the complaints that you lost a battle cause bus went into a tunnel.

Sorry, just don’t see Mobile pet battles happening anytime soon.


Well maybe not in the iteration we would like. But I bet there will be a pet battle app of some sort

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Mobile Apps are being done by different development teams. They are being developed by an “Incubator Team” which is supposed to investigate and deploy new technologies. Plus there are a lot of Rapid Development tools to build mobile apps. Artwork will make up the majority of the development time. If they hire actual mobile developers, a prototype could be made in a week.

OBviously the goal would be to make money. Even if it is just a battle app, there will be some sort of money making scheme involved. Whether it is bandages or revivals that are bought through the app. I expect that any Battle Pet app will actually be separate from the MMO game.


I believe your suspicions to be likely.

My opinion is that revives being obtainable in WoW would be a good middle ground. Then people that don’t play WoW have to pay but people playing WoW could avoid the extra payments.

Also maybe an incentive for people to pick WoW up?

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100% support pet battle mobile