Mob tuning assumes max gear + Rank 3 Essences

(Ammathostus) #1

Both Mechagon and Nazjatar. Apparently they want oneshot mobs littering the landscape.

This is what you get for removing the Flaskataur.


Elites are actually elite now, and some random mobs have effects you need to watch out for … spells need to be interrupted, AOE effects need to be dodged – people have to pay attention in the outside world, OH N0z.

I’ll admit I’ve died a few times to the Markura mobs with the shaman-style earth shield, but that was me missing mechanics, or getting swarmed by multiple. There are some debuff effects after killing mob types, that make you hostile to otherwise neutral creatures, which is a nice change IMO. Means you have to be careful what you do.

Haven’t been to Mechagon since the first PTR build, but aside from elites hitting like elites, I didn’t notice anything broken about mob behavior. Just what I listed above.


yea. and its fun to almost die.


so the world on these islands is semi-dangerous ? GOOD

(Dooddat) #5

Triviality has become too prevalent in world content. An excess of it only turns questing into boring chores barely worth the reward. Hopefully they’ll take some notes from classic and give the world a sense of danger again instead of every player becoming Robocop.

(Verdre) #6

Flaskataur was meant for testing, and nothing more.

However, the rest is a valid point. Mobs are tuned toward the high end right now. We do have time for them to fine tune the content.

That said, yes, Elites should be dangerous. However, as this is the newest stuff to keep players engaged, they should be considering the lower end of the spectrum far more.

Mobs should be skewed around the 380ish level in terms of difficulty. That is what the average player by now should be able to have achieved from current content.

If the end result is the two new zones are aimed at the higher end, all that will happen is too many players will be unhappy with the difficulty spike and simply not engage in it. Which is of course dangerous, as that can also lead to players deciding to cancel subs.

Difficulty should gradually increase over the course of the game. When you have huge spikes in difficulty, what happens is you get unhappy players who were moving forward at a relatively smooth pace and suddenly they run straight into a wall of grind.

That is NEVER good game design.

(Kurogasa) #7

Are the new zones like Timeless Isle and Tanan, with some parts very obviously intended for players with higher ilvl, or is it an across the board difficulty?

(Seliria) #8

ISTR even pre-wipe with actual welfare gear, there was one kind of trogg with an interruptible spell that did a huge amount of damage even to a 410+. And it could stand in the back of the 5 other troggs you were fighting so you didn’t notice it casting… not to mention some specs (mostly healers IIRC) don’t even have an interrupt, so they’ll need to at least be able to survive it and heal through it.

Dangerous world is fine up to a point, but things shouldn’t LITERALLY oneshot casuals who may be only 370 (or even less!) on patch day.

This seems like a good example of what ilvl scaling is designed for: mob health and, especially, damage could be less for lower geared players and reach their full stats when the player is at least 400, maybe even higher (and then stat growth above that starts to weaken them, but hopefully not to the point of players oneshotting mobs either).

OTOH, Argus was tuned OK when it launched, IMO, and I didn’t raid past Normal Nighthold. Dangerous certainly, but not unfair feeling. So maybe we shouldn’t worry too much.

(Verdre) #9

Elites, which take effort to find, are part of quest chains, or guarding specific areas, are perfectly fine to be hard to kill.

I’m chalking some of this up to they haven’t done proper tuning on the difficulty of the mobs. I’m just speaking up so Blizzard doesn’t foolishly listen to people who WANT World Content to be brutally difficult.

World Content, which is open to everyone, has to be designed toward the average player, or slightly below that so you have wiggle room in terms of class disparity. Whether we like that as game design or not doesn’t matter.

If players want harder content? There are mythic+ dungeons and raid difficulties waiting for them.


If an elite is kicking you around, because of lower level gear, i don’t know… maybe get a couple of friends (or strangers) together and defeat the monsters? Isn’t that the lost community feeling people are always crying about?

Not every WQ has to be doable by every player at any given time. You’re correct that things should scale, but not every single mob has to scale from 370 > 400+. It’s okay for some content out in the world to be too difficult for X player(s), or require those players to gather friends/allies to defeat, whereas Y player with 415+ gear can do it solo.


according to the masses, danger of dying = brutally difficult


you want the game to be easy? Easy stuff makes the game boring. Stop complaining. Casuals who complain about simple stuff is part of the reason why the game is in the sad state it’s in.