<Mob Mentality> Hosting Alt/Pug MC

Mob Mentality is hosting a alt & pug MC run every Sunday at 7:30!

We usually spam in Looking For Group channel, but to make things easier we wanted to just let people sign-up ahead of time and and go from there.

Below are loot details, sign-up details, and more.

Loot Details
Our loot system is based on a simple premise of not being a d*ck. So our system attempts to be as fair as possible. We roll main spec over off spec, and limit to 1 tier & 1 non-tier. If you are a class that doesn’t roll tier, this means 2 non-tier. Legendaries, ingots, and either band of accuria or mageblade are reserved, but recipes and mats will be rolled off!

Main spec is identified by role and talent specialization/weapons. This means healers can only roll for healing gear, and only tanks can roll on tank gear. It also means that if you are a 2H warrior, you cannot roll on 1H swords or daggers, and if you are a dagger rogue you cannot roll on swords. The concept here is to be fair and limit a player from essentially rolling on everything because it is a pug.

The limit to number of pieces eliminates the opportunity for one person to hoard gear by sheer luck. This is not however a ‘hard’ limit. If there is only one druid, they can, obviously, win all the druid tier gear. If there are only two hunters, after both have won tier gear, they are both eligible to raid again. If we only have one sword spec, they can win all swords, and so on with 2 handers, daggers, etc.

Legendaries, Ingots, and either accuria or mageblade are reserved but we will roll off recipes and mats. Recipes are rolled off and count towards your non-tier count, while mats are rolled off in stacks of 10, also counting towards your non-tier slot, until they are gone. This is new, but we do this in an attempt to make sure as many people as possible are compensated for their time and effort.

A few more final comments:

  • Discord is required to be eligible for loot, this is primarily to help in the case of needing to change things up, as-well-as we may do a strategy you are unfamiliar with
  • We reserve accuria/mageblade only if guildies are coming that want that item, so it’s possible nothing is reserved in a particular night. We also chose them because they don’t drop too often.

How to sign-up!
To sign up, just join our discord and set your nickname equal to your in-game name. We start invites about 30 minutes before the pull time, and will start spamming to fill slots 15 minutes prior to the pull.

Discord Link: https:// discord.gg/kCW3qty

Go to #sunday-alt-pug-mc and sign-up!

^^^ Remove the space between ‘// discord’