Mob damage


In beta gameplay I’ve seen it seems mobs do less damage than they should. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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yes 110% agree

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Mobs didn’t ever do tons of damage at those levels. I remember getting to lvl 10 in 1 hour when I rerolled an alt to play with a friend on another server, and I didn’t take my first drink or eat food till around lvl 20 (I played paladin).

I could pull 2 mobs of correct level and survive no problem, but it was dicey getting more than that and groups were so dense it was hard NOT to overpull.


By 1.12 the starter levels were made much easier. People are remembering leveling in 1.1


No OP. You are thinking of something else. In Classic, you kill a mob or two and you have to drink for mana.

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everything look so easy mob look to make low damage and regen look so quick


Early levelling from 1-10 isn’t that difficult. It gets dicier at higher levels but early on some places due to clusters and aggro are harder to deal with. But right now in the beta especially you’ve got more people around fighting and clearings things out. It’s a lot easier to get thrown a heal or buff and pick off a singular enemy.


Keep watching. All of those people you are watching are in starter areas. That fades real quick once you get around 14+. Your regen slows significantly in comparison to being lower level and the mobs armor/resist/dodge/parry seems to rise extremely. Its getting much harder to kill single mobs.

Im ahead of the pack so Im going to try some aoe grinding to see how it sits, but I dunno, mobs have gotten much harder now, and at this point it feels slower than pservers for sure. Don’t judge anything by those starter levels.

I was breezing through them earlier thinking it would be easy to get several chars to the level cap in no time. Im feeling differently just a few hours/levels later, lol.