Mmr is f'ed

im 1400cr queing at 2100 mmr into guardian druid bm hunter. wtf is this game

that’s how grace games work yeah

if you had mmr the previous season it starts you at 2100 (them)
but starts you against the lowest end of the ladder (you) progressing like >100 mmr or so per win for 8-10 games

if you lose to any of those 8 teams it reduces your mmr gains until you either get stuck or spit back out at actually 2100

It happens from time to time, just do your best, it’s not likely you lost much/any cr.

Hehe, thrash go brr!

stop hitting the guardian, you have to go after the bm!
stop gripping bm before his posthaste drops.

Yeah things are wonky when a new season starts and they do an mmr reset

People will do placement games and they can fight you when being higher mmr

Makes those early season games kind of a clown fiesta, it won’t impact you overall so try and just take the losses that happen with a grain of salt

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